Hot water bottles...Standard The mandatory standard for hot water bottles prescribes requirements for the design and construction, performance and labeling....Mandatory standard...Trade Practices (Consumer Product Safety Standard) Hot Water Bottles Regulations 2008 sets out the mandatory requirements for hot
23 Mar 2017
Vehicle jacks...Standard The mandatory standard prescribes requirements for the design, construction, performance and provision of instructions for vehicle jacks....About vehicle jacks...The mandatory standard for vehicle jacks applies to a device designed to raise a vehicle. Vehicle jacks covered by the man
28 Feb 2017
Provide website feedback...Page Use this form to provide the ACCC with feedback about this website. Page details Include the title and web address of the page or document this feedback is about. Describe the problem Please describe what you were trying to do and what happened. If you were unable to acc
27 Jun 2016
Report an unsafe product...Page...1. Contact details...2. Product details...3. Preview & submit...4. Complete...Use this form to report a general consumer product to the ACCC that you feel is unsafe. Before completing it, please read our  privacy statement . I'm reporting this product as myself anonymously Contact de
13 Apr 2021
Recalls progress report...Page...1. Introduction...2. Contact details...3. Progress report...4. Preview...5. Complete...The progress report is only for suppliers conducting a product safety recall. If you are not a supplier conducting a product safety recall, DO NOT proceed. PRA number The PRA number is a unique number
13 Apr 2021
Submit a recall...Page...1. Contact details...2. Product details...3. Injury & incident details...4. Preview & submit...5. Complete...Submitting a recall notification through this form constitutes notification to the Commonwealth Minister under Section 128 of the Australian Consumer Law.  ...Note: This form is for supplier
01 Jul 2021
Make an enquiry...Page...1. Start...2. Preview...3. Complete...Who is making the enquiry? Use this form to contact the ACCC about a safety issue related to a general consumer product. Tip: before completing the form, check our Products section for safety information, recalls, bans and standards. Title - None - Mis
13 Apr 2021
Trolley jacks...Standard The mandatory standard was last updated on 19 December 2017 and applies to hydraulic trolley jacks designed to raise a part of a vehicle via the vehicle's chassis....About trolley jacks...A trolley jack comes with: wheels for maneuvering the trolley jack a handle for positioning the
15 Jan 2020
Exercise cycles...Standard The ACCC concluded its review of the mandatory standard for exercise cycles on 19 October 2017 and the standard remains unchanged. The mandatory standard for exercise cycles prescribes requirements for construction and design. It also mandates instructions for use of the exer
12 Dec 2017
Vehicle support stands...Standard The mandatory standard prescribes the requirements for the design, construction, safety marking, and packaging requirements of vehicle support stands....About vehicle support stands...The mandatory standard was last updated on 1 December 2017 and applies to vehicle support s
28 May 2021
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