Ceiling fan injury hazard...News 26 Nov 2013 Children can be injured by ceiling fans, especially in the warmer months. Parents and carers should take steps to ensure children are not able to come into contact with ceiling fans....Hazards...Injuries to children can include lacerations, abrasions and skull fra
26 Nov 2013
Mercator Pty Ltd—Trinidad Ceiling Fan with LED Lighting...Recall 2015/14899 11 Sep 2015 Ceiling fan with LED light. Special Note: Trinidad ceiling fans without light are NOT affected by this notice. IDENTIFICATION (Located on the fan motor housing): Mercator – Model no. * FC428133BK * FC428133WH * FC42
11 Sep 2015
Rheem Australia Pty Ltd—HDi-310ltr Heat Pump...Recall 2014/13970 5 Feb 2014 Heat Pump Water Heater Please see the attached list for the serial numbers of affected units. Please note all units have been accounted for at this time. Please see the attached list for the serial numbers of affected units. Pl
05 Feb 2014
ALDI—Lumina Electric Blanket...Recall 2013/13813 31 Oct 2013 Lumina electric blankets in single, queen and king sizes Single: Product Number: 8311 | Model Number: EB91SB Queen: Product Number: 7177 | Model Number: EB193QB King: Product Number: 7259 | Model Number: EB203KB Single, queen and king sizes w
31 Oct 2013
Target Australia Pty Ltd—Target Essentials Fan Heater...Recall 2014/14027 18 Mar 2014 An electric fan heater Model: TESFH108T keycode: 5301 4139 Model: TESFH108T keycode: 5301 4139 The design and construction of this fan heater does not meet Electrical Safety Standard requirements. Risk of fire. Immedi
18 Mar 2014
Sampford IXL Pty Ltd—Pacific Panel Heaters...Recall 2010/11364 12 Jan 2010 IXL Portable or Wall Mounted Panel Heaters Model No. 72625 (1800W) 72645 and 72646 (2400W) Model No. 72625 (1800W) 72645 and 72646 (2400W) Model No. 72625 (1800W) 72645 and 72646 (2400W) Sampford IXL has received reports of inte
12 Jan 2010
Hagemeyer Brands Australia Pty Limited—Eurolux Strip Heaters...Recall 2009/11287 14 Dec 2009 Eurolux wall mounted strip heaters. The products can be identified by the brand name "Eurolux" marked on the top right hand corner of the heater. Model number SH1200A, 2-bar(1200W) , SH1500A 3-bar (1500W) Model
14 Dec 2009
Mistral Hong Kong Limited—Mistral Portable Air Conditioner...Recall 2009/11276 7 Dec 2009 Mistral Portable Air Conditioner 9000 BTU cooling Model number MPAC60 - 9000 BTU Cooling Model number MPAC60 - 9000 BTU Cooling Extreme temperatures or extended duration of use can cause overheating and in rare ca
07 Dec 2009
Brilliant Lighting—Brilliant "Glace" Heater Light Exhaust Fan...Recall 2009/11200 4 Nov 2009 Heater Light Exhaust fan. The Brilliant Glace Heater being recalled is incorrectly marked with a Queensland approval number and does not have a Queensland approval. Item number 99987/05 Approval number N21275 I
04 Nov 2009
Climat Air Control & Energy Centres Pty Ltd—Brivis (Advance) range of evaporative coolers...Recall 2009/11188 29 Oct 2009 Air conditioner na na The air conditioners potentially have the risk of blowing off the roof in extremely adverse weather conditions. The problem will be fixed with the installation
29 Oct 2009
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