Scandia Group Pty Ltd — Scandia 'Verdant LE' Pellet Heater...Recall 2019/18014 11 Mar 2020 A pellet fire heater for domestic space heating. The Model Number and Serial Number are located on Compliance Plate on the back the pellet fire. The Item Number is located on product carton. Affected products hav
11 Mar 2020
Universal Fans Australia Pty Ltd — Fanco Horizon Ceiling Fan LED Light Kit...Recall 2019/17966 23 Dec 2019 LED Light Kit for Fanco Horizon Ceiling Fans Fan models: CFFCHZ3BRR CFFCHZ3WHR CFFCHZ4BRR CFFCHZ4WHR Fans without the light are not affected by the recall. CLFCHZLED The light diffuser can be remo
23 Dec 2019
Target Australia Pty Ltd — 11 Fin Column Oil Heater...Recall 2018/16747 24 Apr 2018 11 Fin Column Oil Heater Model TAROC011F Keycode: 57159102 TUV017601EA A manufacturing defect may cause the heater control panel to overheat, melt or catch on fire. Risk of burns and risk of fire. Customers should stop
24 Apr 2018
Carrier Corporation — Carrier Ductless Hi-Wall and Cassette Split Heater/Air Conditioner...Recall 2019/17692 9 Oct 2019 11 models of Carrier-branded ductless hi-wall and cassette split heater/air-conditioners The outdoor condensing units of these heaters/air conditioners are mounted to the exterior of
09 Oct 2019
Beacon Lighting — Moonah Ceiling Fan with LED Light...Recall 2019/17280 31 Jan 2019 Moonah Ceiling Fan with LED Light White and black finish in 122cm (48") and 132cm (52") sizes 212892, 212894, 212895, and 212897. The product SKU number can be identified on the product rating/specification label. The c
31 Jan 2019
Seeley International Pty Ltd — Braemar SCHF21C3S and Braemar SCHF25C3S Outdoor Air Conditioner Units...Recall 2018/17248 8 Jan 2019 3 phase 21kw and 25kW outdoor units specific to certain ducted and add-on cooling Braemar airconditioners. Sold nationally by various distributors between 14 October 2016
08 Jan 2019
BIG W — Contempo Heated Throw...Recall 2017/16159 26 Jun 2017 Heated throw blanket. Cameo Pink Mood Indigo Herringbone Cameo Pink - key code 558604; Mood Indigo - key code 558605; and Herringbone - key code 558606. The key code can be found on the label sewn into the throw The product may overheat duri
26 Jun 2017
Bunnings Group Limited — all Moretti and Click brand oil column heaters...Recall 2017/16052 5 May 2017 Moretti brand oil column heaters: - 5 fin model MO-WWM6-5, item number 4441771, batch code 12/16 - 7 fin model MO-WWM6-7, item number 4441773, batch code 12/16 - 7 fin model YL-B12-7, item number 4441
05 May 2017
Yale Prima Pty Ltd — Moretti 11-Fin Oil Column Heater...Recall 2017/16047 29 Apr 2017 Brand Moretti Model MC35B2 11-fin oil column heater *this recall is related to… SAA101529EA Batch Code 12/16, (OLN9532, OLN9539) During normal op
29 Apr 2017
Winter safety...News 5 Jun 2017 Stay safe with our winter product safety tips that can help Australians avoid burns, injury and death, while staying warm in the cooler months....Top tips for winter product safety:...Never use boiling water to fill your hot water bottle and replace it as soon as it starts to
05 Jun 2017