Additional teeth whiteners containing unsafe levels of peroxide recalled...News 19 Dec 2011 An additional five teeth whitening kits have been recalled due to unsafe levels of either hydrogen peroxide and/or carbamide peroxide. The products are: Three products supplied by Whiter Smile Pty Ltd: Dr Collin
19 Dec 2011
Professional Dentist Supplies—Chlorofluor Gel...Recall 2016/15493 4 Jul 2016 Chlorofluor Gel is an oral hygiene product containing 2 mg/mL chlorhexidine. Batch number: BK 119 Batch number: BK 119 Testing detected high levels of Burkholderia cepacia (B. cepacia). B. cepacia poses little medical risk to
04 Jul 2016
Integria Healthcare—Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Mouthwash 250mL...Recall 2014/14049 8 Apr 2014 A natural alcohol free mouthwash that helps reduce bad breath and supports oral hygiene All batches All batches Product may contain enterbacter gergoviae and pseudomonas aeruginosa out of specification micro
08 Apr 2014
Chandru International Pty Ltd—Austina toothpick holder, bathroom accessories & cotton bud holder...Recall 2003/6270 24 Jun 2003 The products contain a blue liquid with yellow ducks in it. The substance in the product could be hazardous to health if the liquid is accessed. The products contain a blue li
24 Jun 2003
3M Pharmaceuticals—Difflam C Alcohol Free Solution...Recall 2002/5690 11 Sep 2002 Benzydamine HCL 0.15% 100mL Bottle. Used to treat painful inflamed oral conditions such as mouth ulcers. The batch number is located beside the Batch symbol on the top of the carton. Batch Number 7921A. Expiry Date: Febru
11 Sep 2002
3M Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd—Difflam Mouth Gel 10 gram tube...Recall 2002/5511 12 Jul 2002 Expiry June 2005. Aust R: 48597. Batch Nos: 8177B, 8177D - The batch number can be found on the sealed end of the tube below the batch symbol. (Used to treat painful inflamed oral conditions such as mouth ulcers).
12 Jul 2002
Trueway International — Ausganica Soothing Herbs Toothpaste...Recall 2017/16311 5 Sep 2017 Ausganica Soothing Herbs Toothpaste 130g All lots and batches Ausganica Soothing Herbs Toothpaste was marketed as a herbal medicine that enhances oral health This product may contain an ingredient that is a dange
05 Sep 2017
Y W Dental Laboratory—AVC Periodontal Paste...Recall 2007/9042 13 Feb 2007 AVC Periodontal Paste ARTG number 122921. All batches. ARTG number 122921. All batches. Manufacture of the goods has been carried out by a manufacturer while the manufacturer did not hold a current licence and the goods have bee
13 Feb 2007
Farmer Charlie Stores Pty Ltd—Excel Brand Toothpaste 120gm...Recall 2007/9297 30 May 2007 Product sold at Farmer Charlies outlets in Yamba, Evans Head, Lismore and Ballina since March 2007. Product price $1.99.The product was on sale in all stores apart from Yamba from 12 March 2007 until 17 May 2007 a
30 May 2007
Challenge International (Australia)—Tri Leaf Spearmint Toothpaste...Recall 2007/9454 14 Aug 2007 145g. Manufactured on 7 September 2005. This product can be identified by the batch code on the bottom of the tube which reads "070905". This product can be identified by the batch code on the bottom of the
14 Aug 2007
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