Hot water bottles...Standard The mandatory standard for hot water bottles prescribes requirements for the design and construction, performance and labeling....Mandatory standard...Trade Practices (Consumer Product Safety Standard) Hot Water Bottles Regulations 2008 sets out the mandatory requirements for hot
23 Mar 2017
Suppliers scolded over illegal hot water bottles...News 21 Jul 2009 The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is leading a nation-wide blitz on unsafe hot water bottles after more than 10 people in New South Wales were hospitalised with severe burns this winter alone. "Investigations by govern
21 Jul 2009
No change to hot water bottle mandatory safety standard...News 8 Jul 2015 The ACCC has completed its review of the mandatory safety standard for hot water bottles and concluded it should be maintained in its current form. The review found widespread industry compliance with the mandatory standard and t
08 Jul 2015
Avoid hot water bottle burns - Poster...Publication 28 Jun 2010 AVOID HOT WATER BOTTLE BURNS Safety checklist for using hot water bottles Check the bottle has no signs of cracking or wear that could make it burst or leak. Always fi ll the bottle over a sink and keep it well away from your body. Take ca
28 Jun 2010
Winter safe...News 24 Jul 2015 Stay safe as you keep warm this winter - see our top tips and video. As cooler weather sets in around the country, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has product safety tips to help Australians be more aware of how they can avoid burns, injury and death wh
24 Jul 2015
Wheat bag fire hazards...News 5 Jul 2013 As the cooler weather sets in, the ACCC is warning Australians about the dangers of using wheat bags as a source of warmth and has released tips to use them safely. Wheat bags, also known as wheat packs, heat bags or microwavable personal warmers, are typically
05 Jul 2013
Hot water bottle compliance...Publication 19 Feb 2013 This bulletin provides information about the laws you must follow if you sell hot water bottles in Australia. This law aims to protect people who use hot water bottles from the possibility of serious burns. The mandatory standard for hot water bottl
19 Feb 2013
NSW: Warning: electric hot water bottle recall...News 3 Sep 2014 New South Wales Fair Trading Commissioner Rod Stowe is urging consumers not to use electric hot water bottles, also known as electric heat packs, that are being recalled after a South Australian woman suffered serious burns when one of th
03 Sep 2014
Winter safety...News 5 Jun 2017 Stay safe with our winter product safety tips that can help Australians avoid burns, injury and death, while staying warm in the cooler months....Top tips for winter product safety:...Never use boiling water to fill your hot water bottle and replace it as soon as it starts to
05 Jun 2017
Spotlight Pty Ltd — KOO 2L Hot Water Bottle...Recall 2020/18492 3 Sep 2020 KOO 2L Hot Water Bottle Available in the following designs: - Cheetah - Chevrons - Cream - Fur - Grey - Lavender - Pink - Rainbow - Rose The hot water bottles may not meet the performance requirements of the 'Trade Practices (Co
03 Sep 2020
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