Trampoline safety in Australia...Publication 17 Feb 2013 Trampoline Safety in Australia Report for the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) Prepared by: Anita Stepan, Melita Leeds and Scott Phillips Kidsafe WA February 2013 Contents Executive Summary ...................................
17 Feb 2013
Trampoline safety—it’s flippin’ important...Publication 7 Oct 2013 Product safety Trampoline safety—it’s flippin’ important October 2013 Trampoline safety—it’s flippin’ important Hundreds of Australian children are taken to hospital every year for trampoline-related injuries su
07 Oct 2013
SA: Warning on trampoline safety as injury numbers rise...News 18 Nov 2015 South Australians are being reminded of the importance of trampoline safety in the lead up to summer. Business Services and Consumers Minister Gail Gago said at the time of year when parents are thinking about possible Christmas
18 Nov 2015
QLD: Keep the bounce in your backyard this summer...News 16 Nov 2015 Fair Trading Executive Director Brian Bauer said trampolines used safely were a fun and entertaining way for the whole family to spend time together. “Take care with maintenance and make sure you teach your children the safe way to us
16 Nov 2015
Think Safety First - Trampolines...Publication 12 Apr 2016 TRAMPOLINES Office of Fair Trading ¶T H I N K ¶ S A F E T Y F I R S T For more information on product safety visit A trampoline can be lots of fun, especially for young children. Before your
12 Apr 2016
Trampoline safety – It's flippin' important...News 9 Nov 2015 An estimated eight kids a day are injured by trampolines in Australia, and hundreds of Australian children are taken to hospital every year for trampoline-related injuries. Don’t let your trampoline spring a nasty surprise. The ACCC, Kidsafe
09 Nov 2015
NSW Calls for review of safety requirements on trampolines...News 17 Aug 2010 The NSW Government is calling for a review of existing safety standards for trampolines after the NSW Product Safety Committee found unacceptable hazards and dangers associated with some products in the domestic market. Fair
17 Aug 2010
ACCC jumps on unsafe trampoline practices...News 21 Mar 2013 The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is warning parents and carers about safe trampoline use after a recent survey showed that injuries are common. The study of over 650 people was conducted by Kidsafe Western Australia on behal
21 Mar 2013
Stay safe this summer...News 6 Dec 2021 We want you to have a safe, happy and healthy summer. Many summer products can be unsafe if they are left unattended or aren’t used properly. Follow our top tips for a safe and healthy summer, and keep up-to-date on the latest product recalls ....Christmas toys and
06 Dec 2021
Product Safety Week 2013...News 4 Oct 2013 Product Safety Week is on during 7–14 October 2013, with activities happening around Australia and online to raise awareness about making safe, buying safe and using safe products. There's something for everyone during Product Safety Week – consumers and busin
04 Oct 2013