Chubb Fire & Security Pty Ltd — Kidde 2-3lb Mariner 5 Fire Extinguisher...Recall 2018/16616 25 Feb 2018 Kidde branded disposable fire extinguishers with plastic handles. The extinguisher is white with a straight handle and a vertical pull pin. This product was sold to be fitted onto yachts manufactured
25 Feb 2018
Portable aerosol fire extinguishers...Page People can suffer serious burns if an aerosol fire extinguisher fails. Make sure you're using an extinguisher that meets the mandatory safety standard....About aerosol fire extinguishers...Portable aerosol fire extinguishers are usually hand-held, red in colour and 
29 Jul 2016
Portable aerosol fire extinguishers...Standard The mandatory standard prescribes requirements for the design, construction, labelling and performance of portable aerosol fire extinguishers....About portable aerosol fire extinguishers...The mandatory safety standard was last reviewed and maintained in Decembe
20 Dec 2021
PSA website redevelopment - survey registration...News 21 Apr 2022...How will it work?...3 hour remote workshop via Zoom with three facilitators from Today. Workshops will be held on 4 & 5 May 2022. You will need a stable internet connection and suitable device to participate on a video call. Provide feedbac
21 Apr 2022