Decathlon (Australia) Pty Ltd — Nabaiji-branded Tidipool and Nabaiji-branded Round Inflatable Kids Paddling Pool...Recall 2019/18049 5 Feb 2020 Nabaiji-branded Tidipool by Decathlon 65 cm diameter paddling pool Tidipool all sloth navy, Tidipool basic full orange, Tidipool blue-green and Tidipool green
05 Feb 2020
Portable pools - Make It Safe...News 4 Dec 2019 Did you know that, on average, one young child dies from drowning in a portable pool in Australia every year? In addition to those fatalities other children will be hospitalised and some left with severe brain damage. Consumer protection and product safet
04 Dec 2019
Wens Bros Trading Pty Ltd — Portable Swimming Pool...Recall 2017/16108 5 Jun 2017 Baby amusement pool Barcode 6933550403011 The portable swimming pool does not have a warning label in accordance with Consumer Goods (Portable Swimming Pools) Safety Standard 2013. Consumers may not be fully alerted to th
05 Jun 2017
Swim safe this summer...News 18 Dec 2017 Summer is one of the best times of year to jump in the pool or head to the beach but some of the everyday products used to make this time enjoyable can be hazardous especially for children Minister for Small Business Michael McCormack says. "With Christmas and s
18 Dec 2017
Portable pools - Kids can down without a sound brochure...Publication 13 Dec 2012 Even in small or large portable pools, kids can drown in seconds! Kids can drown without a sound! It can only take seconds for a child to drown. For large inflatable and portable pools that can hold less than 30cm of wate
13 Dec 2012
Portable pools - Kids can drown without a sound poster...Publication 13 Dec 2012 • Small pools should only be used if you will empty and store them away upright after each use. • Use larger portable pools only if you are willing to fence them. • Fines apply if you do not have a four sided fence around
13 Dec 2012
What is a portable swimming pool?...Publication 11 Dec 2014 Q. What are portable swimming pools? A. Portable swimming pools take several forms and include inflatable pools, pools incorporating a canvas or flexible plastic liner attached to a frame, and hard plastic pools such as wading pools. Depths va
11 Dec 2014
Portable swimming pool safety considerations...Publication 11 Dec 2014 Take Simple Steps to #MakeItSafe For further information contact Royal Life Saving on 1300 737 763 or visit Commonwealth, State and Territory consumer affairs regulators IN PARTNERSHIP WITH Q. What
11 Dec 2014
Portable swimming pools: Supplier guide...Publication 6 Feb 2014 Under the Australian Consumer Law (ACL), mandatory consumer product safety standards are introduced when considered reasonably necessary to prevent or reduce the risk of injury to a person. This guide provides a summary of the requirement
06 Feb 2014
WA: Pool safety a hot topic this summer...News 10 Dec 2015 The latest annual Royal Life Saving Society drowning report found swimming pool drowning deaths have increased in Western Australia. Consumer Protection joins the campaign to highlight strong summer safety messages that NEED to be heard by the
10 Dec 2015