Formaldehyde in cosmetic products...Page Low levels of formaldehyde are found in many consumer products, but high levels of exposure to the chemical are unsafe. Always check ingredients labels and follow care instructions when using products that contain formaldehyde....About formaldehyde...Formaldehyde is a
11 Apr 2018
Formaldehyde in cosmetics including hair products...Publication 15 Jun 2011 August 2014 Product safety bulletin Formaldehyde in cosmetics including hair products This Bulletin provides information about formaldehyde in cosmetics and the hazards associated with its use. It also assists suppliers of cosm
15 Jun 2011
Formaldehyde in false eyelash glues supplied in Australia...Publication 1 Aug 2015...ACCC analytical survey of formaldehyde in false eyelash glues supplied in Australia...Final report...August 2015...Contents...1. Background 3 2. Potential Hazards 3 2.1 Injury reports 4 3. Standards and Regulation 4 3.1 Australian re
01 Aug 2015
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