Change tables...Page Babies should never be left unattended on a change table. Use some form of roll-off protection and make sure all locking devices on a folding change table are strong....About change tables...Change tables are furniture designed for changing a baby's nappy at a raised level....Risks and inju
30 Jul 2016
IKEA Pty Limited — SUNDVIK Change Table / Chest of Drawers...Recall 2019/17494 2 May 2019 Timber change table and chest of drawers. Product is intended to be first used as a changing table secured with the locking mechanism that comes with the product and then after the child is past the nappy stage, t
02 May 2019
Keeping baby safe - a guide to infant and nursery products...Publication 18 Jun 2013 Keeping baby safe A detailed guide for consumers A guide to infant and nursery products A guide to infant and nursery products Find out more: Keeping baby safe Keeping baby safe is a gui
18 Jun 2013
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