Target Australia Pty Ltd — "Christmas Wishes" Children's Jewellery...Recall 2020/18228 17 Mar 2020 "Christmas Wishes" Children's Jewellery Age 3+ years Toy bracelet set Keycode: 62877749 Necklace Keycode: 62877008 62877749 & 62877008 The charms that are attached to the jewellery contain high levels of
17 Mar 2020
Toys containing lead & other elements...Page It is vital that toys are free of lead and other dangerous elements that may harm children....About toys containing lead and other elements...Most toys are safe from dangerous levels of lead and other elements. Parents and carers should be aware, however, that som
30 Jul 2016
Toys containing lead & other elements...Standard The mandatory standard prescribes requirements for the levels of various chemicals that can be found in children's toys and finger paints and their testing....About the mandatory standard...The mandatory standard applies to children's toys and finger paints th
18 Sep 2020
Modern Brands Pty Ltd — Nebulous Stars Mini Charm Set...Recall 2021/19110 27 Jul 2021 Charm bracelet set available in 8 different bracelet designs with various charms The bracelet and charms are provided in a star shaped storage tin box Recommended for ages 7 and up The style number can be found on the
27 Jul 2021
PSA website redevelopment - survey registration...News 21 Apr 2022...How will it work?...3 hour remote workshop via Zoom with three facilitators from Today. Workshops will be held on 4 & 5 May 2022. You will need a stable internet connection and suitable device to participate on a video call. Provide feedbac
21 Apr 2022