Aquatic toys...Page Aquatic toys are not safety devices, so children must be supervised at all times when playing with these toys in the water....About aquatic toys...Aquatic toys can help children stay afloat while they play. These toys come in styles that children can wear, attach to their bodies, hold on
12 Jun 2020
Swimming & flotation aids...Standard The mandatory standard prescribes marking, design and construction, and performance requirements for swimming and flotation aids....About swimming and flotation aids...Swimming and flotation aids come in several forms that children can either wear, have attached to their
15 Jan 2020
Aquatic toys...Standard The mandatory standard prescribes requirements for the design, construction and warning information for aquatic toys....About aquatic toys...The mandatory standard applies to aquatic toys that are designed: to bear the mass of a child under the age of 14 for use in play in shallow wat
12 Jun 2020
DEHP in children's plastic items...Ban The ban applies to toys, childcare articles, eating vessels and utensils that meet certain criteria....About the ban...This ban prohibits supply of certain plastic products that: are intended for use by children up to and including 36 months of age contain or have an ac
11 Jul 2017
Stay safe this summer...News 16 Nov 2020 Many summer products can be unsafe if they are left unattended or aren’t used properly. Follow our top tips for a safe and healthy summer, and keep up-to-date on the latest product recalls ....Christmas toys and button batteries...In the lead up to Christmas, it’s a g
16 Nov 2020
Swimming pool skimmer boxes...Publication 3 Jun 2011 D ep ar tm en t o f C om m er ce Swimming pool skimmer boxes Unsafe skimmer box Safe skimmer box Product safety alert Removable cover Unprotected intake area Government of Western Australia Department of Commerce Consumer Protection To a child, an un
03 Jun 2011
Flotation toys and swimming aids - Supplier bulletin...Publication 11 Aug 2009 Product safety bulletin May 2009 Flotation toys and swimming aids The ACCC is keen to alert suppliers to requirements of two new mandatory product safety standards: Flotation and aquatic toys• Swimming and flotation aids.• T
11 Aug 2009
Keeping baby safe - a guide to infant and nursery products...Publication 18 Jun 2013 Keeping baby safe A detailed guide for consumers A guide to infant and nursery products A guide to infant and nursery products Find out more: Keeping baby safe Keeping baby safe is a gui
18 Jun 2013
Aspiria Australia Pty Ltd — Crane Sports Inflatable Pegasus and Flamingo...Recall 2017/16435 21 Nov 2017 Crane Sports jumbo novelty inflatables shaped like a flying horse (Pegasus) or a flamingo. Barcode: 26283937 PLU:55380 Date code: 10/2017 The product labelling is not in accordance with the Consumer
21 Nov 2017
Decathlon Pty Ltd — NABAIJI Noodle Fun Pool Noodle - Blue, Yellow, Pink and Green...Recall 2019/17688 28 Jul 2019 NABAIJI Noodle Fun Pool Noodle - blue, yellow, pink and green The product does not comply with marking requirements of the mandatory standard 'Trade Practices Act 1974 - Consumer Protection
28 Jul 2019
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