Magnetic toys & novelties...Page Magnets can be dangerous to children if swallowed. Regularly check that magnets are securely attached or embedded in the toy, and supervise young children when playing with magnetic toys....About magnetic toys and novelties...Small, strong magnets are used to attach parts in
23 Sep 2020
Small high powered magnets...Ban The ban applies to separable or loose magnets that meet certain criteria....About the ban...This ban applies to separable or loose magnets that meet all of the following criteria: are small enough to fit into the small parts cylinder used in the mandatory standard for toys fo
22 May 2020
Stay safe this summer...News 16 Nov 2020 Many summer products can be unsafe if they are left unattended or aren’t used properly. Follow our top tips for a safe and healthy summer, and keep up-to-date on the latest product recalls ....Christmas toys and button batteries...In the lead up to Christmas, it’s a g
16 Nov 2020
Stocking fillers could be killers...News 18 Dec 2017 As millions of Australians rush to finish their Christmas shopping and fill the stockings of loved ones they should be cautious about the gifts they buy and receive for children, Minister for Small Business Michael McCormack says. "Christmas is one o
17 Dec 2017
Consumer protection notice No. 3 of 2012 - Safety warning notice (Small high-powered rare-earth magnets)...Publication 2 Jul 2012 Safety Warning Notice to the public about adult novelty products that contain small high-powered rare-earth magnets. The products are marketed under various names including
02 Jul 2012
Keeping baby safe - a guide to infant and nursery products...Publication 18 Jun 2013 Keeping baby safe A detailed guide for consumers A guide to infant and nursery products A guide to infant and nursery products Find out more: Keeping baby safe Keeping baby safe is a gui
18 Jun 2013
Ban on small, high powered magnets...Publication 18 Jun 2013 Ban on small, high-powered magnets April 2013 This bulletin applies to you if you are a manufacturer, importer, wholesaler or retailer (whether online or shop front) in the business of supplying magnets, toys, jewellery, novelty goods or othe
18 Jun 2013
TH Distributors — Think Ink pen...Recall 2017/16396 1 Nov 2017 310272 Think Ink pen 310272 The product exceeds the maximum allowable magnetic flux index for small, high powered magnets, as set by the permanent ban on such products prescribed in Consumer Protection Notice No 5 of 2012. If a child swallo
01 Nov 2017
eBay Sellers happylife-102 and awell-jie — Magnet Balls Magic Beads...Recall 2019/17871 22 Nov 2019 4mm and 5mm Magnetic Cube 216pcs Per Cube This product contains small, high-powered magnets. The product exceeds the maximum allowable magnetic flux index set by the permanent ban on certain small, high
22 Nov 2019
Banned small high powered magnets recalled following ACCC surveillance...News 14 May 2020 The ACCC is concerned about reports of injuries, especially among children, relating to small high powered magnets. The ACCC recently conducted a surveillance program to inspect the presence of banned small high p
14 May 2020
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