Yo-yo water balls...Page Yo-yo water balls pose a number of safety risks, including strangulation. There is a ban on these products being supplied in Australia....About yo-yo water balls...Yo-yo water balls and similar products are toys that are thrown and returned to the hand. They usually have a loop on on
18 Jul 2016
Yo-Yo water balls...Ban Yo-yo water balls or other similar liquid-filled novelties are banned from supply in Australia....About the ban...Under the ban, a yo-yo water ball (and similar products) is a toy: intended to be thrown and returned to the hand with an elasticised cord capable of extending at least 50
23 Feb 2017
Best & Less — Emoticon Puffer Ball...Recall 2019/17965 27 Nov 2019 A toy with an elasticised cord capable of extending at least 600mm in length with a loop on one end to wear around the finger, and a soft yellow ball with emoticon printed faces. The product has an elastic cord capable of extending at l
27 Nov 2019
Wens Bros Trading Pty Ltd — Smash Waterball Mouse...Recall 2017/15891 9 Feb 2017 Available in black or white. The Smash Waterball Mouse has a cord capable of extending over 500mm. These types of products are banned under Consumer Protection Notice 20 of 2011 Permanent ban on yo-yo water balls. The elas
09 Feb 2017
CTM Australia Pty Ltd — Yo-Yo Animal Puffer Balls...Recall 2017/16249 25 Aug 2017 4 Yo-Yo animal puffer balls comprising of rabbit, duck, fish and elephant shapes The product does not comply with the mandatory safety standard for toys for children up to and including 36 months of age (Consumer Protecti
25 Aug 2017
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