Balloon blowing kits...Standard The ACCC concluded its review of the mandatory standard for balloon blowing kits on 30 November 2017 and the standard remains unchanged. This mandatory standard applies to kits that contain a blow-pipe and a glue-like substance used to make balloons....About balloon blowing
12 Dec 2017
Balloon blowing kits...Page Some balloon blowing kits contain cancer-causing substances. Make sure you buy a kit that meets the mandatory safety standard....About balloon blowing kits...Balloon blowing kits allow children to inflate balloons using a blow-pipe and a synthetic glue-like substance. To use these
07 Dec 2016
Balloon blowing kits - Supplier guide...Publication 31 Dec 2000 Balloon-blowing kits P R O D U C T IN F O R M A T IO N A m a n d a to ry sta n d a rd g u id e The Trade Practices Act 1974 provides for the introduction of consumer product safety standards where such standards are reasonably necessary to
31 Dec 2000
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