Projectile toys...Page Children are at risk of serious eye injuries or from choking when playing with projectile toys. Always make sure children know how to play safely with these toys....About projectile toys...A projectile toy is a toy that is capable of launching a projectile, such as toy guns, or bow and
12 Jun 2020
Keeping baby safe - a guide to infant and nursery products...Publication 18 Jun 2013 Keeping baby safe A detailed guide for consumers A guide to infant and nursery products A guide to infant and nursery products Find out more: Keeping baby safe Keeping baby safe is a gui
18 Jun 2013
Just $2 plus — Police Counter-Strike Party toy gun set...Recall 2016/15778 21 Dec 2016 Toy gun with shooting darts and duck-shaped targets. ITEM NO.E88-6. The product does not comply with mandatory standard for projectile toys. The projectile dart can be launched when the suction cap tip is detached. I
21 Dec 2016
Standard The mandatory standard prescribes requirements for the design, construction and labelling of projectile toys....About projectile toys...The mandatory standard applies to projectile toys that are: supplied new designed or clearly intended for use in play by children under 14 capable of launching a
30 Aug 2021
Hasbro Australia Limited — Micro Shot Blasters by Nerf...Recall 2020/18470 16 Dec 2020 Nerf N-Strike Elite - Micro Shots Firestrike Nerf N-Strike Elite - Micro Shots Rough Cut Nerf N-Strike Elite - Micro Shots Strongarm Nerf N-Strike Elite - Micro Shots Stryfe Nerf Zombie Strike - Micro Shots Crossfire
16 Dec 2020
Hiberlain Pty Ltd — Soft Shoot Gun Toy...Recall 2020/18239 9 Apr 2020 Soft Shoot Gun Toy The product does not comply with the requirements of the the mandatory standard 'Consumer Protection Notice No.16 of 2010 - Consumer Product Safety Standard: Children’s Projectile Toys'. The product's packaging is
09 Apr 2020
Kidstuff Direct Pty Ltd — Freeplay Toy Archery Set...Recall 2019/17424 001/2019 26 Mar 2019 Toy archery set with three suction cup arrows in a quiver Ages 5+ 39485 Mfr no. FP-4511 In some circumstances the suction cups may detach from the arrows. If the suction cup detaches, it may present a potential
26 Mar 2019
Origo & Co Pty Ltd trading as Daiso — Projectile Toys...Recall 2018/16548 22 Feb 2018 Sky Cyclone Toy 4947678005127 Bamboo Dragonfly Projectile Toy 4949909866184 Bow and Arrow Set Toy 4984343883345 Target Shooting Playset Toy 4984343870925 Bang Bang Gun Playset 4975887801476 The products do not comply
22 Feb 2018
Armoured Heaven — Tommy Gun...Recall 2016/15784 20 Dec 2016 Automatic firing action with removable magazine. Includes gel balls with extra sachets and darts. Gel balls load through a removable clear scope. 125 The product does not comply with mandatory standard (AS/NZS ISO 8124.1, as amended by the reg
20 Dec 2016
Daiso Industries (Australia) Pty Ltd — Projectile Toys...Recall 2017/16095 22 Jun 2017 Sky Cyclone. Tornado Fly. The products do not comply with the Consumer Protection Notice No. 16 of 2010. The products do not have a perimeter ring on the propeller. In addition, the product packaging is not labelled
22 Jun 2017
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