Bloom & Grow Australia Pty Ltd — Skip Hop Moby Smart Sling 3-stage tub...Recall 2018/16840 17 Jul 2018 Skip Hop Moby Smart Sling 3-stage tub, model SH235465 235465 or SH235465 Product does not comply with the labelling requirements of the Consumer Goods (Baby Bath Aids) Safety Standard 2017. Required w
17 Jul 2018
Munchkin Asia Limited — Clean Cradle Tub...Recall 2018/16821 19 Aug 2018 The product does not comply with the mandatory standard 'Trade Practices (Consumer Product Safety Standard) (Baby Bath Aids) Regulations 2005'.The product has an incorrect warning label. If the correct warning label is not present
19 Aug 2018
Safe summer 2018...News 10 Dec 2018 We want you to have a safe, happy and healthy summer. Many summer products can be unsafe if they are left unattended or aren’t used properly. To have a safe summer, follow our safety tips and keep up-to-date on the latest product recalls . ...Christmas gifts and toys...In
10 Dec 2018
Summer Infant, Inc — Babies “R” Us Moulded Plastic Bath Support...Recall 2017/15998 3 Apr 2017 Moulded Plastic Bath Aid SKN 147365 The product warning label is non-compliant with wording as required by the mandatory standard Trade Practices (Consumer Product Safety Standard) (Baby Bath Aids) Regulation
03 Apr 2017
Better baby baths and safer sunnies...News 20 Oct 2017 SAFETY standards for baby bath aids and sunglasses have been strengthened to ensure the safety of consumers in Australia, Minister for Small Business Michael McCormack says. "As Minister responsible for Consumer Affairs I know that Australian Consu
20 Oct 2017
Valiant Enterprises — Angelcare Baby Bath Seat, Bath Support and Bath Support Fit...Recall 2020/18144 16 Feb 2020 Baby bath seats/supports Barcodes: Bath Seat Aqua: 0666594200921 Bath Seat Pink: 0666594201126 Bath Support Aqua: 6665942012036 Bath Support Grey: 0666594201119 Bath Support Pink: 666594201
16 Feb 2020
Baby bath aids...Page Baby bath aids are not safety devices. Make sure you buy a baby bath aid that that carries the required safety warning....About baby bath aids...Baby bath aids help keep a baby's head up and out of the water, leaving the carer’s hands free to wash the baby. They are typically used in ad
30 Oct 2017
Baby bath aids...Standard This mandatory standard applies to bath aids designed to support a baby while being bathed....About baby bath aids...The mandatory standard was last updated on 27 October 2017. Baby bath aids are intended to aid the support of a baby so that an adult’s hand may be free to bath the b
28 Jul 2021
PSA website redevelopment - survey registration...News 21 Apr 2022...How will it work?...3 hour remote workshop via Zoom with three facilitators from Today. Workshops will be held on 4 & 5 May 2022. You will need a stable internet connection and suitable device to participate on a video call. Provide feedbac
21 Apr 2022
DEHP in children's plastic items...Ban The ban applies to toys, childcare articles, eating vessels and utensils that meet certain criteria....About the ban...This ban prohibits supply of certain plastic products that: are intended for use by children up to and including 36 months of age contain or have an ac
23 Jun 2022