Yamaha Motor Australia Pty Ltd — Yamaha Motorcycle MT03A (MTN320/A) MY2016-2018...Recall 2019/17261 MC048 22 Jan 2019 Yamaha Motorcycle MT-03LA (MTN320/A) Year Models 2016-2018 1 491 motorcycles affected....Sheet1...Model year Model VIN 2,016 MT03LAG MH3RH07L5GB001001 2,016 MT03LAG MH3RH07L9GB001003 2,016 MT
22 Jan 2019
Yamaha Motor Australia Pty Ltd — Yamaha MT-03LA (MTN320/A) Motorcycle MY2016...Recall 2019/17259 MC049 22 Jan 2019 Yamaha Motorcycle MT-03LA (MTN320/A) Year Model 2016 534 motorcycles affected....Sheet1...VIN MH3RH07L5GB001001 MH3RH07L9GB001003 MH3RH07L0GB001004 MH3RH07L4GB001006 MH3RH07L6GB001007 MH3RH07L8G
22 Jan 2019
Yamaha Motor Australia Pty Ltd — Yamaha youth quad bike YFM90R (Raptor 90)...Recall 2017/16223 4 Aug 2017 Yamaha youth quad bike YFM90R (Raptor 90) 2016 & 2017 model years Yamaha YFM90R (Raptor 90) recall Affected models and frame numbers MODEL MODEL CODE MODEL YEAR FRAME NUMBER PREFIX No. FROM TO YFM9
04 Aug 2017
Yamaha—Off Road All Terrain Vehicle...Recall 2002/5563 14 Aug 2002 Model YFM350X. Campaign No.: YFM/A. All 1997 Model YFM350XJ and Selected 1998 Model YFM350XK Warrior All Terrain Vehicles. The weld on the mounting-bracket of the rear hub could come loose, adversely affecting the vehicles rear wheel br
14 Aug 2002
Yamaha—Models XVS650 & XVS1100...Recall 2005/7814 15 Jun 2005 Subsequent to the initial recall notice, it has been found the remedy has insufficient safety margin to correct the problem. This applies to XVS650 and XVS1100 models only. The factory has produced new parts to change the strength of the mou
15 Jun 2005
Yamaha—YXR700FAX 08 Rhino—Left Hand Front Brake Caliper...Recall 2008/9873 7 Mar 2008 Model YXR450 AM17W-500201-AM17W-500300 The possibility for brake fluid to leak from left hand front brake caliper exists on the YXR700FAX '08 Rhino. The shoulder portion of the caliper which locates the brake hose ont
07 Mar 2008
Yamaha Motor Australia Pty Ltd — Yamaha AG125 Motorcycle MY2020...Recall 2021/18835 MC136 26 Feb 2021 Yamaha 4-stroke 125cc AG125 agricultural motorcycle Model Year 2020 112 affected motorcycles...Sheet1...Master number LBPCE28W1L0014534 LBPCE28WXL0014029 LBPCE28W1L0014033 LBPCE28W3L0014065 LBPCE28W5L0014097
26 Feb 2021
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23 Dec 2015
Yamaha Motor Australia Pty Ltd — Yamaha YZ125SPN/YZ125N Motorcycles MY2022...Recall 2022/19385 MC181 9 Feb 2022 Yamaha YZ125SPN/YZ125N Motorcycle Motocross racing motorcycle with a two-stroke engine Model Year 2022 351 affected motorcycles...Sheet1...VIN JYACE34C6NA002689 JYACE34C2NA002690 JYACE34C4NA002691
09 Feb 2022
Yamaha Motor Australia Pty Ltd — Yamaha Wolverine RMAX YXE1000 and YXF1000 Side by Side Vehicles MY2021...Recall 2022/19367 MC173 28 Jan 2022 Side by side vehicles: Yamaha Wolverine RMAX YXE1000 Model Year 2021 2 seater Yamaha Wolverine RMAX YXF1000 Model Year 2021 4 seater 79 affected vehicles...YXE1000
28 Jan 2022