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23 Dec 2015
Volkswagen Group Australia Pty Ltd—Skoda Octavia III and Rapid...Recall 2016/15518 11 Jul 2016 Certain MY16 Octavia III and Rapid Vehicles Campaign number: 58D2 Campaign number: 58D2 The detent lever of the child lock can break because it was damaged during the production process. As a result of this a
11 Jul 2016
Volkswagen—Volkswagen Up! MY 2013...Recall 2013/13731 6 Sep 2013 Model Year 2013 Campaign number: 69J5 Target: 12 Campaign number: 69J5 Target: 12 A small number of vehicles may have had airbags fitted that were not correctly programmed. If vehicles have the incorrect settings the diagnosis function of
06 Sep 2013
Volkswagen Group Australia Pty Ltd—2013 model Skoda Fabia, Yeti and Superb...Recall 2014/14013 5 Mar 2014 2013 model Skoda Fabia, Yeti and Superb Recall Campaign 34F7 VIN: TMBBB93T1D9049514 TMBFP65J0D3067776 TMBKF75L2D6044670 TMBKF75L8D6057455 Recall Campaign 34F7 VIN: TMBBB93T1D9049514 TMBFP65J0D30677
05 Mar 2014
Volkswagen Group Australia Pty Ltd—Skoda Yeti 2015...Recall 2016/15297 5 Apr 2016 2015 Yeti TMBKF75L0F6055900 TMBKF75L4F6056399 TMBKF75L2F6055610 TMBKF75L7F6056364 TMBKF75L4F6054720 TMBKF75L1F6056344 TMBKF75L1F6055615 TMBKF75L7F6056221 TMBKF75L0F6055900 TMBKF75L4F6056399 TMBKF75L2F6055610 TMBKF75L7F605
05 Apr 2016
Volkswagen Group Australia Pty Ltd—Skoda Superb Wagon 2016...Recall 2016/15296 5 Apr 2016 2016 Superb Wagon 97BV 97BV The specified limits of the roll back function of the sunroof may be exceeded when closing using the remote key. There is a crush hazard if limbs are trapped in the sunroof during closi
05 Apr 2016
Volkswagen Group Australia Pty Ltd—Tiguan Vehicles...Recall 2016/15295 5 Apr 2016 Tiguan vehicles WVGZZZ5NZFW074976 WVGZZZ5NZFW074999 WVGZZZ5NZFW075003 WVGZZZ5NZFW074976 WVGZZZ5NZFW074999 WVGZZZ5NZFW075003 Due to a manufacturing fault the side airbags may deploy abnormally during an accident. If the ve
05 Apr 2016
Volkswagen—Passat...Recall 2004/7038 7 Jun 2004 Passat vehicles manufactured between August 1997 and January 2000 YM - Passat. Campaign (40G3) N/A N/A The rubber boot of the lower bearing arm can deteriorate. This can lead to premature wear of the lower bearing arm and in isolated cases, failure of the
07 Jun 2004
Volkswagen—2007 MY Caddy—Spring Clamps...Recall 2007/9426 30 Jul 2007 Manufactured between July 2006 to August 2006. N/A WV2ZZZ2KZ7X 022518 to WV2ZZZ2KZ7X 031129 N/A On Caddy vehicles of the affected chassis number ranges the spring clamps on the rear axle may break because of poor heat treatment. Malf
30 Jul 2007
Volkswagen—Polo vehicles...Recall 1999/4037 12 Aug 1999 Model Year 1999 From Wvwzzz 6nzxy 002060 To Wvwzzz 6nzxy 332534 And Model Year 2000 From Wvwzzz 6nzyy 001159 To Wvwzzz 6nzyy 005843. N/A N/A The Cigar Lighter Is Always Capable Of Activation - The Cigar Lighter Must Be Capable Of Activation Only W
12 Aug 1999
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