Peugeot—306 and 406 vehicles...Recall 1999/4063 30 Aug 1999 Sold Between 23 June 1997 And 19 November 1998. May Have Been Fitted With An Incorrect Specification Spare Wheel. Component Failure New Rowley Motors Pty Ltd Nationally...Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communica
30 Aug 1999
Peugeot—306/406 MY99...Recall 2000/4242 25 Feb 2000 Campaign Number Xpr. Model 306 Style Xt/xtdt, Gti; 406 St, Sv, Coupe. Manufacturing Date Is September 1999 To November 1999. If The Brake Pedal Is Applied Several Times In Close Succession It May Result In The Loss Of Braking Power Assistance. Brake F
25 Feb 2000
Peugeot—206, 307—Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor...Recall 2007/9246 8 May 2007 VF32DNFUA44977010 to VF32DNFUA47514792. VF32DNFUB44978716 to VF32DNFUB47514552. VF32JNFUA44967699 to VF32JNFUA47521547. VF32JNFUB44965518 to VF32JNFUB47505885. VF33CNFUF84539536 to VF33CNFUF84626835. VF33CNFUL84588577 to V
08 May 2007
Peugeot—308—Electric Seat Memory Unit...Recall 2010/11516 19 Mar 2010 Peugeot 308 Please see attached supporting documentation for VIN numbers Please see attached supporting documentation for VIN numbers There is a possibility for the seat backrest to fold inadvertently when adjusting the seat position
19 Mar 2010
Peugeot—407—Exterior Lighting Malfunction...Recall 2010/11657 14 May 2010 Peugeot 407 vehicles Please see attached supporting documentation for VIN numbers. Campaign Number: YUQ Traget Number: 49 Please see attached supporting documentation for VIN numbers. Campaign Number: YUQ Traget Number: 49 There
14 May 2010
Peugeot—Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor...Recall 2007/9575 15 Oct 2007 Model 206, 307 with TU5JP4 Model 206, 307 with TU5JP4 Migrated data too large, see un-migrated data field. Model 206, 307 with TU5JP4 In certain cases the engine coolant temperature sensor may be cracked. This cracking could cause
15 Oct 2007
Peugeot—406 Vehicles...Recall 2003/6354 25 Jul 2003 Manufacturing date of affected vehicles is June 2001 to March 2003. Campaign XIJ There is a risk of incorrect deployment of the lateral air bags and the pre-tensioners during a serious vehicle accident. Contact your authorised Peugeot Dealer. Sime Dar
25 Jul 2003
Peugeot—407...Recall 2006/8484 10 May 2006 Manufactured between November 2005 and February 2006. VF36DRHRH21397186 to VF36DRHRH21439235. VF36DRHRJ21402841 to VF36DRHRJ21442967. VF36DRHRJ21442969 to VF36DRHRJ21442982. VF36ERHRJ21405862 to VF36ERHRJ21442553. Intermittent hard starting/stalling problems a
10 May 2006
Peugeot—308, Partner—Electric Power Steering Pump Assembly...Recall 2009/10793 11 May 2009 The manufacturing date of the affected vehicles is November 2008 to December 2008. Campaign Number YRN. See list of VIN numbers in supporting documentation attachment below. Target number: 33 Campaign Number YRN.
11 May 2009
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