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23 Dec 2015
FCA Australia Pty Ltd—Fiat Ducato with 2.3 MultiJet engine 2014...Recall 2016/15322 18 Apr 2016 Fiat Ducato with 2.3 MultiJet engine 2014 5824 5824 There is a potential that the end connector of the diesel re-circulation pipe on the injectors may be cracked resulting in diesel seepage. If diesel leaks
18 Apr 2016
FCA Australia Pty Ltd—Fiat 500 2014...Recall 2016/15320 18 Apr 2016 Fiat 500 2014 5888 5888 There is a potential deviation in the buckle heat treatment process. The seat belt anchorage links may not comply with safety standards. If the seat belt does not function correctly, there is an increased risk o
18 Apr 2016
FCA Australia Pty Ltd—Alfa Romeo Mito 2012...Recall 2016/15318 18 Apr 2016 Alfa Romeo Mito 2012 5679 5679 In some vehicles, the brake booster piping connector may be non-compliant with relevant standards. The brakes may not function correctly, posing an accident hazard. FCA Australia will notify vehicl
18 Apr 2016
Alfa Romeo—Alfa Romeo 147 (all models)...Recall 2010/11591 21 Apr 2010 Alfa Romeo 147 models with Pirelli tyres 215/40 ZR18 89W PZero (MO) Pirelli 215/40 ZR18 89W PZero (MO) Campaign Number: 5440 Target Number: 259 Pirelli 215/40 ZR18 89W PZero (MO) Campaign Number: 5440 Target Number: 259 On Alfa Rome
21 Apr 2010
Alfa Romeo—159, Brera, Spider—With 3.2L V6 Engine with Automatic Transmission Vehicles...Recall 2009/10687 20 Mar 2009 Motor vehicle Campain number: 5338 Campain number: 5338 On affected vehicles the brake pedal could be stiff when pressed for the first few times after starting the cold engine. Malfunc
20 Mar 2009
Alfa Romeo—166 Vehicles...Recall 2001/5022 19 Oct 2001 Campaign No. R4388. Due to a possible detachment of the connection pipe between the hydraulic power steering casing and the inter-cooling system, the hydraulic assistance may not operate with a consequent notable increase in the effort required to
19 Oct 2001
Alfa Romeo—147 & 166...Recall 2005/7702 29 Apr 2005 Fuel tank for Alfa Romeo models 147 & 166. Due to a crease or crack that may have occured in production during the fitment of the fuel vapour vent hose to the fuel tank,a fuel odour or even leakage may occur when the tank is filled to the maximum leve
29 Apr 2005
Alfa Romeo—GTV/Spider...Recall 2000/4245 29 Feb 2000 2.0 Twin Spark. Campaign R4150. The Plastic Connector Clip From The Brake Fluid Reservoir Tank Going Into The Master Cylinder Can Crack Under Certain Circumstances And Allow Slow Leakage Of The Brake Fluid. Brake Failure. Contact Your Alfa Romeo Deal
29 Feb 2000
Alfa Romeo—GTV and Spider...Recall 2006/8759 19 Sep 2006 The wiring may come under a high resistance or a shorted circuit. The switch controlling the outer rear-view mirrors may overheat, resulting in the possible triggering of a fire in the switch. Vehicle malfunction. Contact your authorised Alfa Rom
19 Sep 2006
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