Dunbier Marine — AS5.7M13TM Boat Trailer MY2014-2018...Recall 2019/17384 14 Mar 2019 Aluminum boat trailer-multi roller in tandem 2000kg capacity Model Years 2014-2018...Sheet1...6FJDDD333G2210794 6FJDDD333H2216243 6FJDDD333G2213005 6FJDDD333H2216318 6FJDDD333F2295020 6FJDDD333E2288005 6FJDDD333F2292605 6FJD
14 Mar 2019
E and Z Trading Pty Ltd — Albany MK1 Range, Stirling MK1 Range, Lincoln MK1 Range & Portland MK1 Range Camper Trailers...Recall 2018/17048 10 Oct 2018 Ezytrail K Series MK1 models of off-road camper trailers...National...Model Compaks Chassis No. 颜色 生产 PORTLAND LX MK1 1083199 ALBANY GT MK1 13083122 乌木黑 外包总装
10 Oct 2018
NPNH Nominees Pty Ltd t/as Simplicity Axles — Simplicity LSC Axle...Recall 2018/16951 5 Sep 2018 Load Sharing Coil axle system fitted to the chassis of certain caravans, trailers and horse floats There is a risk of insufficient weld penetration on the arm of the axle, potentially resulting in a weak an
05 Sep 2018
Econotrailer & Fabrication — Econotrailer 2 tonne trailers...Recall 2016/15587 29 Aug 2016 Two tonne rated tandem trailers Trailers fitted with 50mm x 75mm rectangular drawbar may not comply with the Australian Design Rules (ADR) required specifications due to the strength of the material used. There i
29 Aug 2016
REDARC Electronics — Tow-Pro Elite V2 Electric Trailer Brake Controller...Recall 2019/17292 RS10014 29 Jan 2019 A small electronic device that regulates and actuates the electric brakes of a trailer and allows the driver to activate and monitor trailer brake activity from the cab of the vehicle. EBRH-A
29 Jan 2019
Patriot Campers Pty Ltd — Camper Trailers...Recall 2017/16472 20 Dec 2017 Patriot Camper Trailer...Sheet1...VIN No. 6T9T27ABHD0AAB006 6T9T27ABHD0AAB007 6T9T27ABMD0EU9001 6T9T27ABMD0EU9002 6T9T27ABMD0EU9003 6T9T27ABMD0EU9004 6T9T27ABMD0EU9005 6T9T27ABMD0EU9006 6T9T27ABMD0EU9007 6T9T27ABMD0EU9008 6T9T27ABMD0EU
20 Dec 2017
John Deere—1900 Tow Behind Commodity Carts...Recall 2002/5727 24 Sep 2002 Program 01AX178. 1900 Commodity Cart - Axle, Frame and Rear Hitch Update. All 2000, 2001 and selected 2002 Model Year Tow Behihnd Carts. The front axle on the tow behind commodity cart may have welds that could crack, posibly all
24 Sep 2002
R.H. Bare Pty Ltd—ISI Category 2 quick hitch claw...Recall 2000/4374 23 Jun 2000 ISI Quick Hitch Claw (part No. B8329). Sold post December 1998. Heavy machinery may become detached from one of the claws of the quick hitch claw. Injury Stop using the quick hitch claw immediately and return to Rh Bare. F
23 Jun 2000
Velox—4.50E X 9...Recall 1999/3776 13 Jan 1999 Sold Between 6 October 1998 And 21 December 1998. N/A N/A Potential Weakness Has Been Found In The Wheel Due To An Incorrect Machining Operation, And Under A High Load And Speed Conditon A Failure May Occur. Component Failure Return To Point Of Sale for a
13 Jan 1999
Magic Tilt Trailers Inc—Magic Tilt Trailers...Recall 2013/13577 11 May 2013 Boat trailer Model Numbers: TALS 2004, TALS 2044, TALS 2060, TALS 2244, TALS 2252, TALS 2260, TALS 2460, TALS 2482, TALS 2660, TALS 2682, TALS 28130, TALS 28110, TALSR2244, TALSR2044, TTALS2890, Glacier Bay 260-8200 Model Numbe
11 May 2013