Opalite Industries Pty Ltd — Opalite Skoot Tandem Caravan...Recall 2019/17351 2019-1-1 14 May 2019 Opalite Skoot Tandem Caravan Models with independent suspension and gross trailer mass (GTM) rating of 2600kg and above Chassis No OCS 8684 Affected caravans are marked with a gross trailer mass (GTM) rat
14 May 2019
Cummins Inc — Tiffin Recreational Vehicles with Cummins ISV5.0 Engines...Recall 2019/17400 C2096 12 Apr 2019 Certain ISV5.0 engines equipped with Option CP80007 Manufactured by Cummins between 29 May, 2015 and 17 September, 2018 and installed in Tiffin recreational vehicles...Sheet1...Engine Serial Numbers 8
12 Apr 2019
Coast to Coast Caravan and Leisure — Suburban Recreational Vehicle Water Heaters Model SW6PA, SW6DEA, SW6DA, SW4DEA, SW4DA, SW4DECA and SW6DECA....Recall 2019/17885 CTC001 15 Nov 2019 Suburban Recreational Vehicle Water Heaters fitted to Australian made caravans and motorhomes Model SW6PA, SW6DEA, SW6D
15 Nov 2019
Thetford Australia Pty Ltd — Thetford 3-Way Absorption Fridge...Recall 2018/16682 TF2 26 Mar 2018 Thetford 3-Way Absorption fridge fitted into caravans and motorhomes. Model numbers: N304M.3R, N304M.3L, N504M.3FR and N504M.3FL Model and Serial Number appear on the product label in the interior cabinet
26 Mar 2018
Thule NV — Thule Omnistor TO 8000, Thule Omnistor TO 9200 and 230V Motor Kits...Recall 2019/17804 13 Nov 2019 Thule Omnistor TO 8000 (with integrated motor) 230V Tubular Motor Kit for Thule Omnistor TO 8000 Thule Omnistor TO 9200 (with integrated motor) 230V Tubular Motor Kit for Thule Omnistor TO 9200
13 Nov 2019
NPNH Nominees Pty Ltd t/as Simplicity Axles — Simplicity LSC Axle...Recall 2018/16951 5 Sep 2018 Load Sharing Coil axle system fitted to the chassis of certain caravans, trailers and horse floats There is a risk of insufficient weld penetration on the arm of the axle, potentially resulting in a weak an
05 Sep 2018
Wireless Automation Systems — Tow Secure...Recall 2017/16154 1 Aug 2017 The product is designed to engage in the event of a caravan becoming completely dislodged and separated from the tow vehicle, at which time it engages the caravan's brakes to help arrest the movement of the caravan. ts1000/ts2000 S
01 Aug 2017
Goldstar RV — Goldstar Caravans (Assorted Models)...Recall 2017/16141 20 Jul 2017 Goldstar caravans - Aluminium chassis models The structural longevity of the Draw-Bar is uncertain on some caravan models constructed with an aluminium chassis due to the absence of strengthening gussets. This could lead
20 Jul 2017
Turrisi Enterprises Pty Ltd t/a G & S Chassis — Control Rider TS Suspension...Recall 2017/16089 26 Jun 2017 Control Rider TS Suspension forming part of affected caravan chassis. G&S Technical Service Inspection No 17-01. The listed chassis numbers are known to have been manufactured within the specifie
26 Jun 2017
AL-KO International Pty Ltd — Braked axles 10" Electric fitted to caravans and camper trailers...Recall 2016/15744 6 Feb 2017 Solid beam and independent suspension axles fitted with 10" Electric brakes fitted to caravans and camper trailers AL-KO International Pty Ltd Recall AL-KO 1 Chassis List U12216
06 Feb 2017