Keeping kids’ soccer goals safe...News 10 Mar 2017 Moveable soccer goals, which are subject to a safety standard due to the risk of toppling over, have been reviewed by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC). Small Business Minister Michael McCormack, who is responsible for consumer
10 Mar 2017
Stocking fillers could be killers...News 18 Dec 2017 As millions of Australians rush to finish their Christmas shopping and fill the stockings of loved ones they should be cautious about the gifts they buy and receive for children, Minister for Small Business Michael McCormack says. "Christmas is one o
18 Dec 2017
Minister tells fitness buffs to keep hiking and biking...News 19 Oct 2017 SAFETY standards for exercise bikes and treadmills have been maintained to ensure the safety of users, Minister for Small Business Michael McCormack says. "As Minister responsible for Consumer Affairs, one of my highest prioritie
19 Oct 2017
DIY safety: beware of dangers to yourself and to others...News 8 Oct 2014 When completing do-it-yourself projects around the home, remember that safety comes first for yourself and for others. Many injuries and deaths happen during home maintenance and DIY activities when people have used the wrong too
08 Oct 2014
Treadmill safety...News 18 Apr 2011 Treadmills are a convenient way for adults to stay fit, but they can be extremely dangerous for infants and children. Children have been caught in treadmills as recently as this January. Check out the hazards and some simple tips on using and storing treadmills safel
18 Apr 2011
SA: Warning on trampoline safety as injury numbers rise...News 18 Nov 2015 South Australians are being reminded of the importance of trampoline safety in the lead up to summer. Business Services and Consumers Minister Gail Gago said at the time of year when parents are thinking about possible Christmas
18 Nov 2015
QLD: Keep the bounce in your backyard this summer...News 16 Nov 2015 Fair Trading Executive Director Brian Bauer said trampolines used safely were a fun and entertaining way for the whole family to spend time together. “Take care with maintenance and make sure you teach your children the safe way to us
16 Nov 2015
Trampoline safety – It's flippin' important...News 9 Nov 2015 An estimated eight kids a day are injured by trampolines in Australia, and hundreds of Australian children are taken to hospital every year for trampoline-related injuries. Don’t let your trampoline spring a nasty surprise. The ACCC, Kidsafe
09 Nov 2015
Anchor, Check, Respect: The game plan for moveable soccer goal safety...News 9 May 2014 Unsafe soccer goals can kill. We've partnered with Football Federation Australia for a national safety initiative helping to prevent deaths and serious injuries to kids and teenagers – and make soccer a safe activit
09 May 2014
New mandatory standard to ensure safety of self-balancing scooters...News 14 Jul 2016 The Minister for Small Business and Assistant Treasurer, the Hon Kelly O'Dwyer, has today introduced a mandatory standard under the Australian Consumer Law to ensure the safety of self-balancing scooters (previously c
14 Jul 2016