E-cigarette companies to pay penalties...News 8 May 2017 The Federal Court has ordered three online e-cigarette retailers The Joystick Company Pty Ltd (Joystick), Social-Lites Pty Ltd (Social-Lites) and Elusion Australia Limited (in liquidation) (Elusion) to pay penalties for breaching the Australian C
08 May 2017
ACCC acts on fire hazard cigarettes...News 24 Nov 2016 The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has accepted court enforceable undertakings from both Philip Morris Ltd (Philip Morris) and Zen Sensation Pty Ltd (Zen) not to supply cigarettes that do not meet the mandatory Reduced Fire Risk saf
24 Nov 2016
ACCC testing prompts recalls of fire risk cigarettes...News 7 Oct 2015 The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has negotiated recalls with two suppliers of cigarettes in Australia after testing revealed their products fail to comply with the mandatory safety standard for reduced fire risk. T
07 Oct 2015
Electronic cigarette safety...News 3 Feb 2014 Electronic cigarettes are devices intended to simulate the act of tobacco smoking. Consumers and suppliers should read the following to learn more about the health risks of using e-cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes are battery-operated, electronic devices f
03 Feb 2014
Proposed minor amendment to the Tobacco Information Standard...News 27 May 2013 The Assistant Treasurer today announced that the Commonwealth intends to make minor amendments to the Competition and Consumer (Tobacco) Information Standard 2011 to remove the obligation on retailers to rotate the health w
27 May 2013
NSW: Urgent safety recall of novelty lighters...News 16 Oct 2012 NSW Fair Trading Minister Anthony Roberts has alerted the public to an urgent safety recall of novelty cigarette lighters that pose a risk to young children. The novelty lighters resemble toys and come in the shape of a turtle, duck, Sant
16 Oct 2012
WA bans toy-like novelty cigarette lighters...News 5 Feb 2010 Toy-like novelty cigarette lighters are being banned in Western Australia from today (5 February 2010), amid fears children could literally end up playing with fire. WA shops which stock lighters deemed to be appealing to kids under-five wil
05 Feb 2010
Novelty lighters banned...News 6 Jan 2010 Cigarette lighters that look like toys have been banned from sale in South Australia to prevent fires and burn injuries to children and adults. Minister for Consumer Affairs Gail Gago says the novelty lighters are a hidden danger because they look more like toy
06 Jan 2010
Toy-like cigarette lighters banned...News 23 Jan 2010 Minister for Fair Trading Peter Lawlor has ordered an interim ban on the sale of toy-like novelty cigarette lighters in Queensland. Minister Lawlor said the lighters, designed to look like toys such as frogs or chickens, posed a potential danger due
23 Jan 2010
Novelty cigarette lighters banned...News 15 Jan 2010 The Commissioner for Fair Trading, Mr Jon Quiggin, today announced that a range of novelty cigarette lighters shaped like toys such as frogs, hammers, cars and ducks will be banned from sale pending further investigations. “The Attorney General, Simo
15 Jan 2010