Audio visual...Page...Toppling furniture and televisions may cause injury and death...Injuries and deaths have resulted from toppling televisions and entertainment units.  Learn more on the toppling furniture and televisions page . Audio visual
05 Aug 2021
Vivo International Corporation Pty Ltd—Vivo 50" HD Plasma Television...Recall 2013/13507 18 Mar 2013 Vivo 50" high definition plasma television sold exclusively through BIG W stores. Model number: PTV50HD Serial number ranges: 22091201001-22091202000 & 2209120001- 22091201000 Model number: PTV50HD Seri
18 Mar 2013
Belkin Limited—TuneBase Direct with Hands-Free, TuneBase FM with Hands-Free, TuneBase FM with ClearScan...Recall 2009/11179 27 Oct 2009 TuneBase products let you listen to music from your iPhone or iPod in your car while simultaneously charging it. F8Z441 (also known as F8Z441au), F8Z442, F8Z176 F8Z441
27 Oct 2009
Garmin Australasia Pty Ltd—Garmin nuvi range...Recall 2010/11937 27 Aug 2010 A Garmin nuvi is a portable GPS device that is used by individuals while driving their car to assist with navigation. Garmin Model Region nüvi 250W, New Zealand Australia/NZ nüvi 260W, New Zealand Australia/NZ nuvi 760, New Ze
27 Aug 2010
Imation ANZ Pty Ltd—Memorex Dual Controller Charging Kit & Memorex Premium Starter Kit (for Wii Controllers)...Recall 2011/12324 9 Feb 2011 Charges Wii controllers through the Wii console via "Pass Thru" cable Dual Controlling Charging Kit Dual Controlling Charging Kit In rare cases the charging bases
09 Feb 2011
Dick Smith Electronics Pty Ltd—DSE Brand 7 Inch Portable DVD Player...Recall 2011/12287 19 Jan 2011 DSE brand 7 inch portable DVD player Model G7152 (black) Model G7153 (white) Model G7152 (black) Model G7153 (white) In rare cases the internal lithium-ion rechargeable battery may overheat. Overheating
19 Jan 2011
Noritsu Koki—Film Processor and Printer Processor...Recall 2003/6550 23 Oct 2003 The processors are used to develop film, scan and print photographic images, exclusively for commercial purposes. The model numbers of the Film Processor involved are: QSS-1912, QSS-2211, QSS-2301, QSS-2302, QSS-2202, QSS-
23 Oct 2003
Loewe—Contur and Profil Televisions...Recall 2002/5849 29 Nov 2002 70cm and 72cm televisions produced in Germany between April 1999 and July 1999 and sold in Australia for some months later. Affected units have serial numbers as follows: Contur 1670 (Art No 58404L): 007940 to 011268, 002550 to 003549,
29 Nov 2002
Philips—Speaker Power Adapters...Recall 2002/5408 6 Jun 2002 Model No.: HKA-12100ECD-230 sold with Hewlett-Packard Desktop Computers. Sold between October 2000 and April 2002. The speaker power adapters were included in Hewlett-Packard's P1534A External Amplified Speaker sets. There is a label on the b
06 Jun 2002
ValuLine Antennas—Moulded Plastic Radomes...Recall 2002/5345 8 May 2002 6-foot ABS radome on 7GHz ValuLine Antennas shipped from Scotland from April 1999 through January 2002. Model Numbers VHP6 and VHPX6. A radome is a cover over the front of the antenna, which protects the feed inside the antenna, im
08 May 2002
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