Straight off, straight out of reach! Staying safe with hair straighteners...News 18 Oct 2012 Did you know that a hair straightener can get hot enough to fry an egg? Check out safety information on hair straighteners from Queensland Office of Fair Trading....Hazards...The plates on hair straighteners can heat
18 Oct 2012
Swann Communications Pty Ltd — Wireless Door Chimes...Recall 2017/15912 27 Feb 2017 This recall has been updated. A new recall advertisement has been attached and the contact details have been updated. Wireless Door Chime with mains power (1 receiver) Wireless Door Chime with mains power (2 receivers)
27 Feb 2017
Target Australia Pty Ltd — Target Stick Blender TARHB40S 250W...Recall 2019/17324 20 Feb 2019 Target Stick Blender TARHB40S 250W 55000727 The product may overheat during use and cause the plastic enclosure to melt, and expose live parts. Risk of burns and electric shock. Stop using the product immediat
20 Feb 2019
Steinhoff Asia Pacific Limited t/as Freedom — ZOX Table Lamp...Recall 2017/16175 11 Jul 2017 Electric table lamp with black metal tubular “L” shaped base with natural finish block timber lamp shade with recessed light bulb holder Model 23760752 SGS-1504480-EA 23760752 M494TL The use of certain light gl
11 Jul 2017
Sunbeam Corporation Pty Ltd — Sunbeam Aeroglide Rapid SR6370 Iron...Recall 2017/16212 25 Jul 2017 SR6370 The product has only a single layer of insulation between the wiring and the top of the iron, which is non compliant with Australia Safety Standard 60335.2.3. There is a possible risk of electric sh
25 Jul 2017
SEW-Eurodrive Pty Ltd — MovitracB Frequency Inverter with Firmware 17 Installed in Devices such as In-Home Passenger Lifts...Recall 2019/17724 13 Aug 2019 Frequency inverters are electronic devices that are installed into products operated by an electric motor, such as an in-home passenger lift. The in
13 Aug 2019
ALDI Stores (a Limited Partnership) — Easy Home - Multicyclonic Vacuum Cleaner...Recall 2020/18731 23 Dec 2020 Easy Home - Multicyclonic Vacuum Cleaner Corded bagless vacuum cleaner blue or red BVC-KPA24 / 700175 or VCK24 / 702119 printed on the rating label located on the underside of the appliance Th
23 Dec 2020
Bellman & Symfon AB — Bellman & Symfon Flash Receiver...Recall 2020/18218 20 Sep 2020 Bellman & Symfon Flash Receiver Model BE1442 with firmware versions 5 or 7 Manufactured before 30 July 2019 The Flash Receiver is part of the Visit Alerting System. The Visit Alerting System comprises wireless sensors
20 Sep 2020
UCC Australia Pty Ltd — Mort Bay Power Boards...Recall 2021/19046 20 Jun 2021 Mort Bay 4-Way 3m Individual Switch Power Board Model number: 14038 Item number: 4331026 Mort Bay 6-Way 5m Individual Switch Power Board Model number: 14021 Item number: 4331025 Only batch numbers 13119301120, 13095301020 and
20 Jun 2021
Hunter Douglas — Alpha Pivot Arm and System 2000 Pivot Arm Awnings Powered by Merger Solar Motors...Recall 2021/19102 11 Aug 2021 Alpha Pivot Arm and System 2000 Pivot Arm awnings powered by Merger solar motors Installed between 1 November 2020 and 8 June 2021 34.255.000 The pin in the awning motor bra
11 Aug 2021
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