Kmart Australia Ltd — 2 Slice Stainless Steel Toaster...Recall 2018/16633 8 Mar 2018 Home & Co Model Number TL-136 Some of the toasters have a faulty switch, causing the heating element to remain "live" when the lever is up and the toaster appears to be turned off. There is a risk of electric shock if
08 Mar 2018
Electrolux Home Products Pty Ltd — Electrolux EVEP626SC 60cm Pyrolytic Duo Oven...Recall 2018/16875 7 Aug 2018 Electrolux 60cm Pyrolytic Duo Oven Model EVEP626SC Oven has Pyrolux pyrolytic cleaning in both oven cavities, IOI (Intuitive Oven Interface), Smart Food Probe, FullFlex telescopic runners and
07 Aug 2018
Teco Australia Pty Ltd — TECO 6.5kg washing machine model TWM65TTAMFBE...Recall 2016/15671 18 Oct 2016 TECO brand twin tub washing machine model TWM65TTAMFBE, 6.5kg capacity. SGS-130493-EA Moisture vapour may penetrate the selector switch contacts within the top control console. The selector switch may
18 Oct 2016
BSH Home Appliances Pty Ltd—Neff branded dishwashers (specified models manufactured between February 2004 and June 2005)...Recall 2016/15595 16 Aug 2016 Specified models of Neff branded dishwashers manufactured in Germany between February 2004 and June 2005. Semi-integrated, self-heating dishwasher inc
16 Aug 2016
PR Kitchen and Washroom Systems Pty Ltd — Franke FWD75R Waste Disposal...Recall 2017/16500 15 Jan 2018 Waste disposal unit with serial numbers beginning with 1M5 or with the number 6 in the third position e.g. 1M6 Serial numbers beginning with 1M5 or with 6 in the third position e.g. 1M6 The blades cou
15 Jan 2018
Electrolux Home Products—Chef Gas Single Door Wall or Underbench Ovens...Recall 2001/4927 11 Sep 2001 Model Numbers: GOCE670BS-N&P, GOCE670S-N&P, GOCE670SA-N&P, GOCE670TN-N&P, GOCE670TR-N&P, GOCE670W-N&P, GOS610S-N&P, GOS610W-NYP, GOS630K-N&P, GOS630S-N&P, GOS630W-N&P. Serial numbers: 03170025 to 13470
11 Sep 2001
BIG W—La Cucina Capsule Coffee Machine...Recall 2013/13775 10 Oct 2013 Capsule coffee machine CXY-CO01, CXY-CO01B CXY-CO01, CXY-CO01B Water may leak onto the electric parts of the coffee machine. If the defect occurs, users may receive an electric shock during use. Customers should stop using the produ
10 Oct 2013
Electrolux Home Products Pty Ltd — Dishlex DX303 Dishwashers (previously repaired under PRA 2007/9689)...Recall 2013/13710 26 Aug 2013 Dishlex DX303 dishwashers (previously repaired in 2007/8 under PRA 2007/9689) The affected models are Dishlex DX303SK and DX303WK with green “INSPECTED” labels adjacent
26 Aug 2013
BIG W—Abode 1.5 Litre Stainless Steel Blender...Recall 2013/13727 5 Sep 2013 1.5 Litre Stainless Steel Blender in Silver or Red HL-2080A SGSEA/120723 8294269 (Silver), 8322574 (Red) HL-2080A SGSEA/120723 8294269 (Silver), 8322574 (Red) The metal blades may break during use of the blender. If the defect
05 Sep 2013
LG Electronics—Dishwashers and Washing Machines...Recall 2005/8011 6 Sep 2005 Washing machine model no WD-8013F.Serial numbers 204KW00001 to 306KW99999, manufactured between April 2002 and June 2003. Dishwashers models LD-12AS1, LD-12AW2, LD-14AW1, LD-14AW2, LD14AT1, LD-14AT2 and LD_4050W. Serial numbe
06 Sep 2005