3M Australia Pty Ltd — 3M Precision Standing Desk SD60B...Recall 2019/17560 2 Jul 2019 3M Precision Standing Desk SD60B Adjustable standing desk that allows the user to work while standing 00076308927509 70006845823 The workstation may malfunction and the two gas cylinders that assist with lifting the
02 Jul 2019
Dymocks Brisbane Pty Ltd and Trustee for the Welch Family Trust — Think Ink Pen...Recall 2018/16530 31 Jan 2018 310272 Pen and Magnets These products are small, high-powered magnets. The product exceeds the maximum allowable magnetic flux index set by the permanent ban on certain small, high powered ma
31 Jan 2018
Big W—Ditto Novelty Heart Shaped Calculator...Recall 2016/15560 28 Jul 2016 Ditto Novelty Heart Shaped Calculator Pink (10506) Purple (10507) Pink (10506)Purple (10507) Product may crack open when dropped exposing the button cell battery. If young children gain access to the button batteries and ingest
28 Jul 2016
TH Distributors — Think Ink pen...Recall 2017/16396 1 Nov 2017 310272 Think Ink pen 310272 The product exceeds the maximum allowable magnetic flux index for small, high powered magnets, as set by the permanent ban on such products prescribed in Consumer Protection Notice No 5 of 2012. If a child swallo
01 Nov 2017
DPI Aerosol—Servisol Air Brush air duster...Recall 2000/4248 1 Mar 2000 250gm Aluminium Aerosol Can. An Aerosol Propellant Used To Remove Dust From Electronic Components Sold By Jaycar Electronics In Its Retail Stores Under The Brand Name "servisol Air Brush Air Duster". The Cans Were Sold From 6 Augus
01 Mar 2000
Super A-Mart Pty Ltd—"Porto" Office Chair...Recall 2012/13376 16 Nov 2012 Office chair No unique identifying features No unique identifying features The tilt mechanism allows the chair to tilt too far backwards, causing the chair to become unstable. Possible tipping hazard due to the tilt mechanism all
16 Nov 2012
Philips Lighting Australia—Philips Master LED GU10 8W...Recall 2012/13437 21 Dec 2012 This is a mains voltage LED spot light lamp used primarily in professional applications such as the hospitality industry. Please see the attached pdf file. Please see the attached pdf file. A small quantity of product
21 Dec 2012
Nadoli Pty. Ltd—Nadoli “Office Pro” Sticky Tape & Dispenser...Recall 2013/13505 15 Mar 2013 Plastic housing sticky tape and dispenser supplied with 3 rolls of tape. Available in black, blue, green and purple. Product code 38313 and barcode 26131504. Product imported by Nadoli Pty. Ltd. Product code 383
15 Mar 2013
Aussie-smartbuys (eBay store)—"LNAWEI" Electrical Portable Outlet Device...Recall 2013/13593 29 May 2013 LCD timer powerboards LW410L-09-SLT LW410L-09-SLT The powerboards do not meet mandatory Australian electrical safety requirements. Specifically, the socket outlets are non-compliant and there is no
29 May 2013
Gadget Box—Neoatoms High Strength Magnets...Recall 2013/13595 29 May 2013 Neodymium iron boron sphere magnets N/A N/A The product exceeds the maximum allowable magnetic flux index for small high-powered magnets, as set by Consumer Protection Notice No. 5 of 2012. If a child swallows more than one small
29 May 2013