A toy story not to be repeated...News 25 Jan 2011 Consumer Affairs Victoria is reminding Victorians that pool toys and other floatation devices are not a substitute for proper safety devices in the water. “We saw during the most recent floods what can happen when people ignore this message and use blow
25 Jan 2011
Play it safe in the water...News 23 Nov 2010 As more Victorians take to the water in the lead up to Water Safety Week, Consumer Affairs Victoria is reminding people to use floatation devices and water toys safely. This reminder is timely as mandatory product bans and safety standards are harmonised nat
23 Nov 2010
SA: Warning over dangerous scuba diving vest...News 15 May 2013 Minister for Business Services and Consumers John Rau has issued a formal safety warning over a scuba diving buoyancy vest. Mr Rau says the warning relates to “Saeko Dive” buoyancy control device, particularly the Hurricane and Cyclone mod
15 May 2013
New safety standard for portable pools...News 5 Jan 2013 New warning labels will be required on portable pools from March 2014 under a new mandatory safety standard, said Assistant Treasurer David Bradbury. Portable pools can range in size from shallow inflatable pools to pools as long as 10 metres and
05 Jan 2013
NSW: Keep children safe around inflatable pools...News 19 Oct 2012 Fair Trading Minister Anthony Roberts today issued a safety warning to parents and carers about the importance of supervising young children at all times around inflatable pools. Mr Roberts said while inflatable pools appear to be harml
19 Oct 2012
Warning to pool owners to avoid horrific injuries...News 30 Dec 2009 Pool owners are urged to make sure that skimmer box covers are adequately secured at all times, after a Western Australian boy suffered serious injuries from sitting on a skimmer box. Skimmer boxes are connected to swimming pool pumps
30 Dec 2009
Make sure your holiday doesn’t turn to tragedy...News 21 Dec 2009 Take a little time to ensure your holiday accommodation is safe for you and your children is the message from the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) these Christmas holidays. The OFT has developed a brochure outlining some of the top safety is
21 Dec 2009
Protections for children in inflatable swimming pools...News 24 Dec 2009 Acting Minister for Fair Trading, Graham West, today launched a NSW Government campaign to help protect children in inflatable swimming pools. Mr West said as part of the campaign, pool retailers and retailing associations will be
24 Dec 2009
Serious child injury highlights pool danger...News 16 Dec 2009 A four year old Gosnells boy has suffered a serious injury highlighting the extreme dangers of some backyard swimming pools. The boy suffered partial disembowelment after he sat on an older-style skimmer box in the pool at his home on Decem
16 Dec 2009
Pools and spas with unsafe design features...Ban Portable pools and spas with unsafe 'potty-style' skimmer boxes cannot be supplied in Australia due to the risks of entrapment and drowning....About the ban...This ban is intended to prevent the supply of pools and spas (including transportable pools and spas)
23 Feb 2017
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