Holstens Pty Ltd — Outdoor Festoon / Bistro Lights...Recall 2017/16002 3 Apr 2017 E14 fittings (purchases after 1 June 2016 only) Item L8830 240v string lights with 10 x E14 fittings - 6.5m (includes 1.5m power cord) Item L8833 240v string lights with 10 x E14 fittings - 5m (extensions only) E27 fittin
03 Apr 2017
IKEA Pty Limited — MYSINGSÖ outdoor beach chair...Recall 2017/15866 30 Jan 2017 Outdoor beach chair. Assorted colours and designs. The affected chairs have product numbers 70228009, 10258080, 20293139, 30285167, 60287396, 70312022, 80312026 or 90312021. The product number can be found on the label sewn
30 Jan 2017
Waterco Limited—Swimming Pool Liquid Acid...Recall 2001/5114 14 Dec 2001 Aqua Health Liquid pH Decreaser - 5 Litre. Sold by Swimming Pool retail outlets within the Sydney and Canberra metropolitan areas and the NSW Central Coast. Some of the caps fitted to the containers are of tamper evident type but
14 Dec 2001
Look Sharp Concepts Pty Ltd—Pop-up Tent with 50 balls....Recall 2002/5222 1 Mar 2002 Barcode 9316292088321. Sold at various discount stores. There is a possibility that, if the tent support connectors break they may present a choking hazard. Ingestion/Inhalation. Cease use of the product immediately an
01 Mar 2002
Cheap as Chips—Hallogen Twin Lamps and Hallogen Single Lamps...Recall 2002/5227 4 Mar 2002 This recall applies to the two products identified with the same serial number of XG-L300/500. Sold at Cheaps as Chips stores throughout South Australia and Mildura, Vic. The internal wiring does not meet safety
04 Mar 2002
Orica Limited—Cabots Deck Clean Rapid...Recall 2002/5263 20 Mar 2002 Cabots Deck Clean Rapid is a wood cleaner in 1 litre and 4 litre sizes. Contains a defect which may cause excessive build up of pressure within the product container. This may result in leakage or splash prior to or during opening. Re
20 Mar 2002
Rinnai—'Grand Hall' LPG Regulator...Recall 2000/4400 22 Aug 2000 All model Reg 9MCO and Reg 7060-9 Regulators.For Attention: Households and commercial premises using LPG bottled gas; marine craft owners, and caravan owners. N/A N/A A diaphragm fault in the primary regulator may result in a greater than
22 Aug 2000
Fisher-Price—Lift & Lock Swing...Recall 2000/4433 29 Aug 2000 Outdoor swing for children 9 months to 3 years. The swing has a red, green or purple seat, a yellow plastic "T" Shaped restraint shield to hold children in the seat and blue ropes. Model Numbers 2092, 72092, 75970, 75973 is moulded in back p
29 Aug 2000
Bromic Pty Limited—RECA Gas Regulator and Hose Assembly...Recall 2001/4630 2 Jul 2001 Product purchased since 17 November 2000. Sold either individually or as part of a LPG gas appliance (including barbecues, heaters and camping equipment). Silver coloured RECA regulator with a production date code of
02 Jul 2001
Safety 1st—Auto Sensor Night Light...Recall 2001/4963 3 Oct 2001 Sold in major retail outlets as well as independent stores. May short circuit during a power surge thus short circuiting the light. Some of these lights may generate enough heat to dislodge the plastic cover possibly exposing live wires w
03 Oct 2001