Cosmetic & novelty contact lenses...Page Non-prescription novelty and cosmetic contact lenses can cause eye infections or permanent damage if not used correctly. Make sure you have your lenses professionally fitted and that you follow care and maintenance instructions....About cosmetic and novelty contact
11 Apr 2018
Cosmetic labelling...Page Cosmetic labelling contains important information particularly for consumers with sensitive skin or allergies. When buying cosmetics, always check that the product has an ingredients label....About cosmetic labelling...Cosmetic ingredient labels usually appear on the product contain
25 Nov 2020
Formaldehyde in cosmetic products...Page Low levels of formaldehyde are found in many consumer products, but high levels of exposure to the chemical are unsafe. Always check ingredients labels and follow care instructions when using products that contain formaldehyde....About formaldehyde...Formaldehyde is a
11 Apr 2018
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23 Dec 2015