Cellnet Group Limited — 3SIXT Quick Charge™ Wall Charger...Recall 2018/16610 25 Feb 2018 Model 3S-0639 - A white charger with a standard Type 'I' (2-pin) ANZ AC Power plug, single USB port, 3SIXT logo and Quick Charge™ logo (icon) printed on casing. Sold as a single product or as part of Samsung Galaxy
25 Feb 2018
Netgear Australia Pty Ltd — Arlo Outdoor Power Adaptor...Recall 2018/16708 24 Apr 2018 Outdoor power adapter accessory for the Netgear Arlo, Arlo Pro and Arlo Go outdoor security cameras. Model number: AD2090120 Part number: 332-10986-01 The model and part numbers can be found on the back of the adapte
24 Apr 2018
Samsung Electronics Australia Pty Ltd — Samsung Galaxy Note7...Recall 2016/15623 6 Sep 2016 Smartphone Overheating of the battery cell may occur. The battery in the product may overheat, posing a potential fire/burn hazard. Samsung Galaxy Note7 devices were originally supplied between 19 August and 1 S
06 Sep 2016
Nikon Australia — SB-103 Underwater Camera...Recall 2017/16389 10/2017 24 Oct 2017 Nikon SB-103 with an underwater flash In rare cases, if charged and uncharged NiCd batteries are used together, hydrogen gas may be discharged by the batteries. This gas build up in the unit may cause the front to separa
24 Oct 2017
Colonel Clints Crazy Bargains Stores—Antique telephone...Recall 1999/4057 27 Aug 1999 Oak Timber Finish With Brass Fittings. Available From 30 June To 29 July 1999 For $89. Does Not Adequately Insulate The User From A Power Surge Up To 7000 Volts - The Minimum Safety Level Mandated Under The Telecommun
27 Aug 1999
Kodak—DC5000 Zoom Digital Camera...Recall 2002/5687 10 Sep 2002 These cameras were on sale from June 2000 to present. The DC5000 camera may be identified by the brand name and model number written on the front of the camera in the bottom right-hand corner. All DC5000 cameras carry a plate on the bottom
10 Sep 2002
Nikon—Coolpix 2000 Digital Camera...Recall 2002/5558 12 Aug 2002 2 Megapixel consumer digital zoom lens camera, powered by 4 AA sized Alkaline batteries, supplied with the camera. Supplied in Australia between 27 June and 9 August 2002. Affected cameras have serial numbers: 2010001 - 2042816; 2510001 -
12 Aug 2002
D-Link—Integrated Voice/Fax/Data Modem...Recall 2000/4414 23 Aug 2000 D-Link DMF-560TXD Integrated 56K Voice/Fax/Data Modem & 10/100 Ethernet Card. This modem is not suitable for connection to the Australian Telecommunications network as it may present a danger to the user. Electric shock. Contact D-Li
23 Aug 2000
Agfa-Gevaert—ePhoto CL30 AC Adapter...Recall 2000/4540 11 Oct 2000 Supplied as a Digital Camera accessory to Agfa ePhoto CL30. The Agfa ePhoto Cl30 Digital Camera may continue to be used wlthout concern as long as the recalled ePhoto AC Adapter is not used while batteries are installed in the camera. T
11 Oct 2000
Targus—Retractable Telephone Cord and Retractable Network ISDN Cord...Recall 2001/4702 2 Apr 2001 Retractable Telephone Cord with RJ-11 Clips: Product Number PA200U; and Retractabl Network ISDN Cord: Product Number PA210U. Product PA200U has been on sale since September 1998, and product PA210U since D
02 Apr 2001