Yale Prima Pty Ltd — Click TV Wall Bracket...Recall 2018/16628 26 Feb 2018 Click TV wall mounting bracket - Model No. CLED1340 (OLN7239). Two metal disks are attached to the wall, the black plastic pieces are attached to the TV, then the TV is hung on the disks via the wire. Sticker with white logo 'CL
26 Feb 2018
Johnson Health Tech — Matrix TF30 Treadmill...Recall 2019/17691 18 Jul 2019 Electric treadmill Matrix TF30 MTM0609-11 The treadmill does not comply with the mandatory standard 'Trade Practices (Consumer Product Safety Standard) (Treadmills) Regulations 2009'. The treadmill does not have the required wa
18 Jul 2019
Dielle Electrical Distributors Pty Ltd — Dielle Residual Current Device Model YK78...Recall 2019/17522 11 Jun 2019 Dielle Residual Current Device Brand Dielle Model YK78 Approval mark N.21905 6 A, 10 A, 16 A, 20 A, 25 A and 32A. Supplied from 2006 onwards Approval mark N.21905 The product may not compl
11 Jun 2019
Scandia Group Pty Ltd — Scandia 'Verdant LE' Pellet Heater...Recall 2019/18014 11 Mar 2020 A pellet fire heater for domestic space heating. The Model Number and Serial Number are located on Compliance Plate on the back the pellet fire. The Item Number is located on product carton. Affected products hav
11 Mar 2020
Universal Fans Australia Pty Ltd — Fanco Horizon Ceiling Fan LED Light Kit...Recall 2019/17966 23 Dec 2019 LED Light Kit for Fanco Horizon Ceiling Fans Fan models: CFFCHZ3BRR CFFCHZ3WHR CFFCHZ4BRR CFFCHZ4WHR Fans without the light are not affected by the recall. CLFCHZLED The light diffuser can be remo
23 Dec 2019
Baker & McAuliffe Holdings Pty Ltd t/as JSB Lighting Australia — Flat Moon 950/980 Triangle Suspension Kit...Recall 2019/18081 16 Feb 2020 The product features three cables that are attached to the top of the light and join in a triangular shape to a single cable which is then attached to the ceiling....S
16 Feb 2020
Costco Wholesale Australia Pty Ltd — Feit Electric 2 Pack Smart Bulbs...Recall 2019/18077 17 Jan 2020 Smart self-ballasted LED bulbs with 2 lampholder adaptors Costco Item# 272807 Item Number 272807 The item does not comply with the relevant mandatory electrical standard. Risk of electric shock or fire
17 Jan 2020
Groupon Australia Pty Ltd — Electric Massage Gun...Recall 2019/18039 10 Jan 2020 LCD display electric massage gun with four heads, featuring an ergonomic massage head that can provide a comfortable massage experience. The massage adaptor insulation does not comply with the relevant mandatory electrical
10 Jan 2020
Sedy Discount Warehouse — Ouya Huyan Power Supply (Power Board) Model 0Y-AT04K...Recall 2019/17901 14 Nov 2019 Ouya Huyan Power Supply (Power Board) Model 0Y-AT04K 10A Rated Current / 240V Rated Voltage 2200 Watt Maximum Power 4 Way Energy Saving The plastic on the product does not meet the required el
14 Nov 2019
AGL Energy Ltd — Promotional AGL-Branded Wireless Phone Charger...Recall 2019/17619 28 Jun 2019 Free promotional AGL-branded wireless charger for smartphones Two different versions consisting of a circular charging plate and a USB cable Version 1 - Circular black charger with white AGL logo, which has
28 Jun 2019