Swimming & flotation aids...Page Swimming and flotation aids are not safety devices and they are not designed to prevent drowning. Children must be supervised at all times when around water. Children may drown when flotation aids are used incorrectly, do not fit properly, or are faulty or not maintaine
31 Jul 2018
Safety gates...Page There are two different types of safety gates available.  Make sure you buy the gate most suitable for your needs....About safety gates...Most safety gates are safe and work well to deter children from accessing potentially dangerous places. There are two types of safety gates: pressure m
22 Jun 2016
Swimming & flotation aids...Standard The mandatory standard prescribes marking, design and construction, and performance requirements for swimming and flotation aids....About swimming and flotation aids...Swimming and flotation aids come in several forms that children can either wear, have attached to their
15 Jan 2020
Prams & strollers...Standard The mandatory standard prescribes requirements for the performance testing, design, construction, safety warnings and labels of prams and strollers. A pram is a wheeled vehicle with a body of box-like or boat-like shape designed to carry a baby or child weighing up to and i
28 Jul 2021
Rocker chairs...Page Babies can suffer serious injuries if they fall from rocker chairs. Always buy rockers with a five-point restraint system and sturdy construction....About rocker chairs...A rocker chair is a reclined seat for babies designed to make gentle rocking motions back and forth....Risks and injurie
09 Jun 2016
Prams & strollers...Page Children are at risk of a range or injuries in prams or strollers that don't have the minimal safety features required by the mandatory standard. Make sure you buy a stroller that meets the mandatory standard and use the safety features they come with....About prams and strollers...P
30 Jul 2016
Playpens...Page Playpens can cause serious injury if they tip over easily, collapse or have gaps which can trap a child’s fingers, limbs or head/neck. Make sure you buy a sturdy playpen with no dangerous gaps or pinch points and with no footholds which a child may use to climb out....About playpens...Playpen
02 Feb 2021
High chairs...Page Children can suffer a range of injuries in high chairs that are unstable or lack safety harnesses. Make sure you buy a sturdy, well-constructed high chair with a five-point harness system....About high chairs...A high chair is used for feeding babies and toddlers. It has a raised seat off
29 Jul 2016
Dummies...Page Babies can be at risk of choking or infection from old, poorly made or poorly maintained dummies. Make sure you buy dummies that cannot be easily pulled apart and discard dummies when they start showing signs of wear....About dummies...A dummy comprises a rubber or soft plastic teat, a hard pl
29 Jul 2016
Children's car restraints...Page Car restraints for motor vehicle occupants are compulsory. Child car restraints greatly reduce the risk of a child being injured or killed in a car accident. Make sure you buy a restraint that is suitable for your child and your car, and that meets mandatory safety requ
22 Dec 2017
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