Dometic Australia Pty Ltd — Dometic RC1180 portable 3-way absorption fridge/freezer 46L...Recall 2018/16635 28 Feb 2018 Dometic RC1180 portable 3-way absorption fridge/freezer 46L Model and Serial Number appear on the rating label, located on the rear panel. Affected serial number ranges: 71206287 to 7
28 Feb 2018
Brilliant Group Pty Ltd — Jack Hammer Elastic Luggage Straps...Recall 2019/17698 24 Jul 2019 Jack Hammer Elastic Strap 900mm JH700865 Sold at Coles and Independent Supermarkets Jack Hammer Elastic Straps 3 Pce JH701031 Sold at Independent Supermarkets Jack Hammer Elastic Strap 900mm JH760119 Sold at Wo
24 Jul 2019
Total Tools Importing — 3.5KVA 2800W Petrol Generator...Recall 2019/17528 25 Jul 2019 Portable 3.5KVA 2800W petrol generator with recoil starting system, fitted with 2 X 15A outlets Sold between 26 March 2019 and 29 April 2019 127842 Generator winding is bonded to generating set frame. Risk of electric
25 Jul 2019
Deere & Company / John Deere Limited — John Deere 2025R Compact Utility Tractor...Recall 2019/17666 28 Jul 2019 Green and yellow compact utility tractors with “John Deere” and the model number printed on the hood. 2025R The correct safety labels may be missing from some of the 2025R tractors. Incorrect
28 Jul 2019
Honda Australia Motorcycle and Power Equipment Pty Ltd — Honda HRU Buffalo GXV160 Powered – Walk Behind Lawn Mower MY2018...Recall 2019/17472 7ER 21 May 2019 Honda HRU Buffalo GXV160 Powered – Walk Behind Lawn Mower MY2018 Frame Number MATU-3000001 MATU-3000002 MATU-3000003 MATU-3000004 MATU-3000005 MA
21 May 2019
Yamaha Motor Australia Pty Ltd — Yamaha Model EF2000iS 2018-2019 Portable Generators...Recall 2019/17977 PP1904 27 Nov 2019 Yamaha Model EF2000iS 2018-2019 Portable Generators Used for recreational activities such as camping, fishing and boating...Sheet1...Master Number 7PB5080492 7PB0329805 7PB0329807 7PB03
27 Nov 2019
Decathlon (Australia) Pty Ltd — Nabaiji-branded Tidipool and Nabaiji-branded Round Inflatable Kids Paddling Pool...Recall 2019/18049 5 Feb 2020 Nabaiji-branded Tidipool by Decathlon 65 cm diameter paddling pool Tidipool all sloth navy, Tidipool basic full orange, Tidipool blue-green and Tidipool green
05 Feb 2020
Carbatec Pty Ltd — Jet Bandsaw...Recall 2019/17420 26 Mar 2019 Jet bandsaws Models JWBS-15M, JWBS-18M and JWBS-20M JET-JWBS15M Trans Ref 1 Trans Qty Serial No. Shipment No. 3-Jan-18 1334AF 5 17110031-0035 000866 3-Jan-18 1321AG 5 17110026-0030 000866 26-Aug-17 1149AE 10 17070016-0025 000697 22-Feb-17 5
26 Mar 2019
JAS Oceania Pty Ltd — Powercon Jump Starters...Recall 2019/17636 15 Jul 2019 Various models of lithium battery powered battery packs that can jump start a vehicle via short jumper leads but can also supply power to recharge portable equipment such as laptop computers, mobile phones, tablets etc via USB
15 Jul 2019
BRP — Sea-Doo LinQ Cooler 51L...Recall 2019/17594 TBD 28 Jun 2019 Sea-Doo LinQ Cooler sold as an accessory with the Sea-Doo Fish Pro Personal Watercraft Model Year 2019 The cooler latch can automatically lock when the lid closes, allowing a person to become locked inside. If someone gets locked inside,
28 Jun 2019