Swimming & flotation aids...Standard The mandatory standard prescribes marking, design and construction, and performance requirements for swimming and flotation aids....About swimming and flotation aids...Swimming and flotation aids come in several forms that children can either wear, have attached to their
15 Jan 2020
Portable swimming pools...Standard The mandatory standard prescribes requirements for the labelling of portable swimming pools....About portable swimming pools...The mandatory standard applies to portable swimming pools that are both: intended for personal, domestic or household use one of the following: an
28 Jul 2021
Elastic luggage straps...Standard The mandatory standard prescribes requirements for the safety markings and labelling requirements of elastic luggage straps....About elastic luggage straps...Elastic luggage straps are designed for securing luggage or other objects. They are also known as: octopus, or occy s
06 Apr 2017
Pools & spas...Page Pools and spas
26 Apr 2016
Outdoor entertaining...Page Outdoor Entertaining
20 Apr 2016
Workshop...Page Workshop
23 Dec 2015
Camping...Page Camping
23 Dec 2015
Garden...Page Garden
23 Dec 2015
ACCC warns of portable pool dangers...News 22 Nov 2013 The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is warning about the potential hazards of portable pools after recent statistics showed a high risk of drowning for children under the age of five. “Portable pools are a popular choice for families
22 Nov 2013
QLD: Staying safe this summer...News 5 Nov 2013 Time to get out those swimmers, summer is almost here. With the hot weather already upon us the Queensland Office of Fair Trading (OFT) is reminding you to stay safe this summer. Fair Trading Executive Director Brian Bauer today highlighted important safe
05 Nov 2013
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