Innovations Direct Pty Ltd — Treadmill with Shock Absorption...Recall 2018/16642 5 Mar 2018 Treadmill with Shock Absorption H110 x L129 x W56 cm, 13.5 kg Foldup for storage: W56 x D21 x H100 cm Height adjustable handle 1.0-1.2 m Mini computer calculating distance, calories, speed and time scan This tre
05 Mar 2018
ToLife Technologies Pty Ltd — Rite Aid Mini Digital Temple Touch Thermometer...Recall 2018/16638 9 Mar 2018 Rite Aid mini digital temple touch thermometer Lot Number 5216, displayed on the base of the thermometer ARTG Number 171947 The battery compartment on the thermometer is not adequately secured, a
09 Mar 2018
Peleguy Distribution Pty Ltd — Tiko Lighter...Recall 2018/16597 25 Feb 2018 Tiko imitation shoe lighter Barcode: 0609613389467 Item Number: TK0039 The lighters are subject to 'Consumer Protection Notice No. 18 of 2011 Permanent ban on toy-like novelty cigarette lighters'. Children may mistake these lig
25 Feb 2018
Origo & Co Pty Ltd trading as Daiso — Hand Cream & Hand Wash Products...Recall 2018/16565 22 Feb 2018 Hand Wash Gel Vitamin E Hand Cream Hand Lotion Milk 65ml Hand Lotion Strawberry 65ml The products do not comply with the 'Trade Practices (Consumer Product Information Standards) (Cosmetics) Regulation
22 Feb 2018
Johnson & Johnson Pacific Pty Ltd — Neutrogena Visibly Clear Light Therapy Acne Mask and Activator...Recall 2019/17693 17 Jul 2019 Neutrogena Visibly Clear Light Therapy Acne Mask SAP Code: 26202031 Neutrogena Visibly Clear Light Therapy Acne Mask Activator SAP Codes: 26202032 and 26202034 ARTG: 287825
17 Jul 2019
Johnson Health Tech — Matrix TF30 Treadmill...Recall 2019/17691 18 Jul 2019 Electric treadmill Matrix TF30 MTM0609-11 The treadmill does not comply with the mandatory standard 'Trade Practices (Consumer Product Safety Standard) (Treadmills) Regulations 2009'. The treadmill does not have the required wa
18 Jul 2019
Regent Sporting Goods — Regent 330 Pedometer and Regent 340 Step and Distance Pedometer...Recall 2019/17685 17 Jul 2019 Regent 330 Step Pedometer Regent 340 Step and Distance Pedometer The battery compartment may not be adequately secured with a screw in some instances, and the button batteries in the
17 Jul 2019
Commencal Australia — Commencal Ramones 16 Inch Wheels Mountain Bike...Recall 2019/17647 11 Aug 2019 Commencal Ramones 16 inch wheels children's mountain bike The product does not comply with the requirements of the mandatory standard 'Trade Practices Act 1974 - Consumer Protection Notice No.6 of 2004
11 Aug 2019
Global Therapeutics Pty Ltd — Fusion Hair Tonic and Oriental Botanicals Hairpro...Recall 2019/17573 23 May 2019 Hair tonic Fusion Hair Tonic- pack sizes 30, 60 & 120 capsules AUST L 183418 & 300605 Oriental Botanicals Hairpro - pack sizes 30 & 60 capsules AUSTL 18993 & 300621 The products contain Fallo
23 May 2019
Glowworm Bicycles — eZee Battery 19Ah 36V LG Vertical Battery Pack for eZee Bicycles...Recall 2019/17406 21 May 2019 eZee Battery 36V 19Ah LG MG1 Electric Bike vertical pack lithium battery for eZee bikes eZee 19Ah batteries with serial number Sony, Panasonic, BMZ, Sanyo are not affected by this recall
21 May 2019