Hot water bottles...Standard The mandatory standard for hot water bottles prescribes requirements for the design and construction, performance and labeling....Mandatory standard...Trade Practices (Consumer Product Safety Standard) Hot Water Bottles Regulations 2008 sets out the mandatory requirements for hot
23 Mar 2017
Exercise cycles...Standard The ACCC concluded its review of the mandatory standard for exercise cycles on 19 October 2017 and the standard remains unchanged. The mandatory standard for exercise cycles prescribes requirements for construction and design. It also mandates instructions for use of the exer
12 Dec 2017
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23 Dec 2015
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23 Dec 2015
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23 Dec 2015
Reduced Fire Risk Cigarettes...Standard The mandatory standard prescribes requirements for the performance, packaging and marking requirements of reduced fire risk cigarettes....About reduced fire risk cigarettes...All cigarettes manufactured or imported into Australia are subject to the mandatory standard f
27 Feb 2017
Disposable cigarette lighters...Standard The mandatory standard prescribes the requirements for child resistance, labelling and testing and performance of disposable lighters....About cigarette lighters...The mandatory standard for disposable cigarette lighters includes: all disposable cigarette lighters nov
29 Jun 2020
Moveable soccer goals...Standard The mandatory standard prescribes the requirements for the construction, testing and labelling of moveable soccer goals supplied after 31 December 2010. ...About moveable soccer goals...The mandatory standard applies to a moveable soccer goal that: is freestanding designed to
23 Feb 2017
Tobacco health warnings...Standard The mandatory standard prescribes the labelling, including explanatory, information, warning messages and graphics and their rotation, for tobacco products....About the mandatory standard...A mandatory information standard exists for the health warning labelling of tobacco
18 May 2017
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