Views sought to help prevent deaths and injuries from toppling furniture and televisions...News 2 Aug 2021 The ACCC is seeking submissions from stakeholders, including consumers, consumer safety advocates, the furniture and television industries, and medical professionals about the safety hazards posed
01 Aug 2021
What’s at stake: toppling furniture and televisions...Page It’s natural for kids to climb, reach, and pull themselves up on furniture. It might be to reach for a toy or something interesting. But even a small child can make a heavy piece of furniture tip over, with potentially tragic consequences....What
06 Aug 2021
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05 Jul 2016
Audio visual...Page...Toppling furniture and televisions may cause injury and death...Injuries and deaths have resulted from toppling televisions and entertainment units.  Learn more on the toppling furniture and televisions page . Audio visual
05 Aug 2021
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