Lenovo (Australia & New Zealand) — Gen5 X1 Carbon Notebooks...Recall 2018/16598 8 Mar 2018 Halo Lenovo notebook for corporate business environment Machine types 20HQ, 20K3, 20HR and 20K4 20HQ 20K3 20HR 20K4 An unfastened screw could compromise the battery and cause overheating. May pose a fire hazard.
08 Mar 2018
ToLife Technologies Pty Ltd — Rite Aid Mini Digital Temple Touch Thermometer...Recall 2018/16638 9 Mar 2018 Rite Aid mini digital temple touch thermometer Lot Number 5216, displayed on the base of the thermometer ARTG Number 171947 The battery compartment on the thermometer is not adequately secured, a
09 Mar 2018
Cellnet Group Limited — 3SIXT Quick Charge™ Wall Charger...Recall 2018/16610 25 Feb 2018 Model 3S-0639 - A white charger with a standard Type 'I' (2-pin) ANZ AC Power plug, single USB port, 3SIXT logo and Quick Charge™ logo (icon) printed on casing. Sold as a single product or as part of Samsung Galaxy
25 Feb 2018
Regent Sporting Goods — Regent 330 Pedometer and Regent 340 Step and Distance Pedometer...Recall 2019/17685 17 Jul 2019 Regent 330 Step Pedometer Regent 340 Step and Distance Pedometer The battery compartment may not be adequately secured with a screw in some instances, and the button batteries in the
17 Jul 2019
Glowworm Bicycles — eZee Battery 19Ah 36V LG Vertical Battery Pack for eZee Bicycles...Recall 2019/17406 21 May 2019 eZee Battery 36V 19Ah LG MG1 Electric Bike vertical pack lithium battery for eZee bikes eZee 19Ah batteries with serial number Sony, Panasonic, BMZ, Sanyo are not affected by this recall
21 May 2019
Apple Inc — Apple three-prong AC Wall Plug Adapters supplied with Mac and certain iOS devices and as part of the Apple World Travel Adapter Kits...Recall 2019/17523 6 May 2019 Apple three-prong AC wall plug adapters (UK Style Type G) designed primarily for use in the United Kingdom, Singapore and Hong
06 May 2019
Powermove Distribution — Barbie Disco Ball BT Karaoke and LOL Surprise Bluetooth Karaoke Machine...Recall 2019/18003 13 Dec 2019 Barbie Disco Ball Bluetooth Karaoke Machine Model K03-13059A GTIN - 0021331273406 LOL Surprise Bluetooth Karaoke Machine Model K03-13136A-AU - LOL GTIN - 0021331976048 Sold t
13 Dec 2019
ResMed Ltd — Stellar 100 and Stellar 150 Portable Ventilators...Recall 2019/18023 13 Dec 2019 Stellar 100 and 150 Portable Ventilators (Medical Device) Product Numbers: 24156, 24164, 24147, 24162. Serial Number Range 20160123307 to 22171057208 Manufactured between April 2016 and June 2017 ARTG 219429 (
13 Dec 2019
Interconnected devices...Page Interconnected devices are sometimes called ‘smart products’ or the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT). These products are becoming increasingly popular in consumers’ homes and lives. While there are many benefits, in some cases they can cause harm to consumers if they have a safe
07 May 2021
Priceline and Priceline Pharmacy — Ready Set Travel Digital Luggage Scale...Recall 2019/17982 22 Nov 2019 Digital Luggage Scale 9313142067529 The button batteries may not be adequately secured and may be easily accessible. If young children gain access to the button batteries and ingest them, they may
22 Nov 2019