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14 Apr 2016
Beekeeping Supplies Australia Pty Ltd — Battery Operated Bee Smoker...Recall 2019/17442 11 Jun 2019 Battery operated smoker used to smoke bees in beekeeping The battery-operated smoker has a small heat shield between the handle and smoker barrel. The heat shield contains white (chrysotile) asbestos. Br
11 Jun 2019
Stihl—Brushcutters and Earth Augers...Recall 1999/4092 28 Sep 1999 Model FS 120/200/350 Brushcutters And Bt 120 Earth Augers. Serial Numbers From 41585423 To 42423154. Due To A Defect In The Fuel Tank, Any Fuel Leakage From The Tank Will Pose A Potential Fire Hazard From Igniting Fuel When In Combinati
28 Sep 1999
Caterpillar—D11R Tractors...Recall 1999/4094 30 Sep 1999 Campaign No. Pi1407. Date Range: March 1998 - February 1999. May Not Have Enough Material To Positively Seal The Rubber Hose To The Bonnet And Adapter, Allowing Hot Coolant To Leak Out, Which Could Cause Personal Injury. Component Failure. Contac
30 Sep 1999
Caterpillar—Lexion Combines...Recall 2002/5703 16 Sep 2002 Models 460R, 470R, 475R, 480R, and 485R. Campaign PI10157 The relay for the grain tank unloading system has to be replaced to avoid unintended engaging of the grain tank unloading system which could result in injury or death. Contact your Cater
16 Sep 2002
Thermofilm Australia Pty Ltd—Petzone Model THAT 040 Basic Thermostat...Recall 2002/5717 23 Sep 2002 This product is a Control Device (Thermostat) for pet warming. The recall applies to all THAT 040 thermostats that do not have the approval number V02218 marked on the product label. The product may not
23 Sep 2002
John Deere—2500 Professional Triplex Gas Greensmowers...Recall 2002/5720 23 Sep 2002 Program 01TC020. May have been assembled in a way that the fuel line (between fuel filter and fuel pump) may contact the exhaust manifold, thereby potentially damaging the fuel line. Fuel leak/Fire. Contact your author
23 Sep 2002
John Deere—50 Series STS Combines...Recall 2002/5723 24 Sep 2002 Program 02HX195. Products Affected: 9450, 9550, 9650 and 9750 Series Combines. The unloading system of the combine could unexpectedly engage at the start-up of the engine. This problem may occur on some machines if there is excessive drag
24 Sep 2002
John Deere—5000 Ten and Twenty Series Utility Tractors...Recall 2002/5725 24 Sep 2002 Program 02LV067. A plug in a drilled passage in the brake valve housing may blow out while applying the brakes. The brakes may fail and expose the operator and possible bystanders to an unsafe condition. Brake Failure
24 Sep 2002
John Deere—LT Series Lawn Tractors...Recall 2002/5728 24 Sep 2002 Program 02MX171. Product affected: LT133, LT155, LT166 Lawn Tractors. The fuel tank may crack and leak fuel presenting a potential for fire and burn injuries. Fire Stop using the Lawn Tractor immediately. Contact your nearest John Deere
24 Sep 2002