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23 Dec 2015
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23 Dec 2015
Beekeeping Supplies Australia Pty Ltd — Battery Operated Bee Smoker...Recall 2019/17442 11 Jun 2019 Battery operated smoker used to smoke bees in beekeeping The battery-operated smoker has a small heat shield between the handle and smoker barrel. The heat shield contains white (chrysotile) asbestos. Br
11 Jun 2019
Caterpillar—D10R and D11R Track Type Tractors...Recall 2005/7978 23 Aug 2005 D10R, D11R, D11RCD. D10R, D11R, D11RCD. The 196-9565 and 196-9566 joystick sensors on certain D10R, D11R, D11RCD may fail. Unexpected movement of the blade raise. Contact your local Caterpillar dealer. Caterpillar S.A.R.L. Nat
23 Aug 2005
Caterpillar—651E and 657E Wheel Tractor Scrapers...Recall 2006/8286 16 Jan 2006 The 6V5762 Bolt that clamps the 6V4448 Lever to the shaft installed backwards on the brake linkage. No clamping can result in broken lever and loss of brake function. Could cause serious injury or death. Contact your local
16 Jan 2006
TWM/Rolston—High Lift Farm Jack 48"...Recall 2006/8261 5 Jan 2006 Does not comply with performance and labelling requirements of either of the mandatory safety standards for vehicle jacks (AS/NZS 2693:1993 abd AS/NZS 2693:2003. Jack may fracture or collapse in normal use). Equipment failure Stop using
05 Jan 2006
Pentair Water Pty Ltd — Solar Boost Pump 413...Recall 2005/8244 PI10427 21 Dec 2005 This product is used as a solar hot water system pressure boosting pump. Supplied through Solco Industries Pty Ltd at 126 Sheffield Road, Welshpool, WA. Model 314305. The product does not comply with Australian Standard
21 Dec 2005
Caterpillar SARL — D9R Track-Type Tractors...Recall 2005/8241 PI10425 21 Dec 2005 Serial number: CAT00D9RCABK01074. The 105-4262, 1Q1884 and 105-4651 Rollover Protective System (ROPS) that are installed on certain D9R Track-Type Tractors may not meet the existing design specification. Personal injury o
21 Dec 2005
Caterpillar—TH580B Telehandlers...Recall 2005/8242 21 Dec 2005 The 245-4375 shackle may fail. If the shackle fails, the number 4 boom section may rapidly and uncontrollably retract. This will make the machine and load unstable. This can happen at any time when the boom is raised and extended. Potential
21 Dec 2005
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