SRGS Pty Ltd — XTM 150PSI 250LPM Dual Air Compressor...Recall 2022/19395 4 Feb 2022 XTM 150PSI 250LPM Dual Air Compressor An orange and black dual pump portable air compressor 606623 An internal fault with the control relays may cause the compressor housing to melt or catch fire.  If the control relays
04 Feb 2022
TWM Imports Pty Ltd — TWM Pedestal Misting Fan...Recall 2021/19347 27 Jan 2022 TWM Pedestal Misting Fan Model number: FANM152P The user has access to live parts if they disconnect the connectors to the fan, misting unit or the water pump. Risk of electric shock, which can cause serious injury or death.
27 Jan 2022
PSA website redevelopment - survey registration...News 21 Apr 2022...How will it work?...3 hour remote workshop via Zoom with three facilitators from Today. Workshops will be held on 4 & 5 May 2022. You will need a stable internet connection and suitable device to participate on a video call. Provide feedbac
21 Apr 2022
Bromic Pty Ltd — Greengear LPG Generator Models GE-3000, GE-5000 and GE-7000...Recall 2022/19448 4 May 2022 Greengear LPG Generator 3kW Model GE-3000 Part Number 2701003   Greengear LPG Generator 5kW Model GE-5000 Part Number 2701005 Greengear LPG Generator 7kW Model GE-7000 Part Number 2701007   4-str
04 May 2022