STIHL Pty Ltd — STIHL Brushcutters - FS 240 R-Z, FS 240-Z, FS 260 C-E Z, FS 360 C-EM Z and FS 460 C-EM Z...Recall 2021/19332 2 Mar 2022 Rugged heavy-duty brushcutter fitted with a solid drive shaft The brushcutter can be used with all metal grass blades for slashing and clearing applications STIHL FS 2
02 Mar 2022
SRGS Pty Ltd — XTM 150PSI 250LPM Dual Air Compressor...Recall 2022/19395 4 Feb 2022 XTM 150PSI 250LPM Dual Air Compressor An orange and black dual pump portable air compressor 606623 An internal fault with the control relays may cause the compressor housing to melt or catch fire.  If the control relays
04 Feb 2022
HB Commerce Pty Ltd — vidaXL Swimming Pool with Steel Frame...Recall 2021/19328 14 Feb 2022 vidaXL Swimming Pool with Steel Frame Available in Blue and Anthracite colour and in various sizes See attached product list for identifying numbers and photographs The liner of the pool can tear during use, whi
14 Feb 2022
Bestway Australia Pty Ltd — Bestway Aqua Bone Assorted Characters Pool Noodles...Recall 2021/19335 19 Jan 2022 Bestway Aqua Bone Assorted Characters Pool Noodles The product does not meet the labelling requirements of the mandatory safety standard for aquatic toys . The product's warning label is remov
19 Jan 2022
Janes Honey Pty Ltd t/as Bee2Bee Beekeeping Supplies — Manually Operated Bee Smoker...Recall 2022/19435 6 Apr 2022 Medium and large Manually Operated Bee Smoker (i.e. not battery-powered) used by beekeepers to smoke bee hives The manual model requires manual force by squeezing a bellows to force smoke
06 Apr 2022
Aristo Glass Products Pty Ltd — Glass Pool Fence Latch...Recall 2022/19419 12 Apr 2022 Polymer plastic glass gate latch part with ‘A’ logo and guide tabs SLP2011 – 180° Glass to Glass Latch SLP2012 – Glass to Wall Latch SLP2013 – 90° Outswing Glass to Glass Latch SLP2014 – 90° Inswing Glass to Glass La
12 Apr 2022
PSA website redevelopment - survey registration...News 21 Apr 2022...How will it work?...3 hour remote workshop via Zoom with three facilitators from Today. Workshops will be held on 4 & 5 May 2022. You will need a stable internet connection and suitable device to participate on a video call. Provide feedbac
21 Apr 2022
Davey Water Products Pty Ltd — Spa Quip 800 and 1200 Spa Controllers...Recall 2022/19413 11 Apr 2022 Spa Quip 800 and 1200 Spa Controllers Spa pool controllers used in small to medium-sized spas and swim-spas to connect and control the operation of spa components. Models: Q800-30, Q800-30LAN, Q800-30R,
11 Apr 2022
Real Engineering — Auger Mount...Recall 2022/19445 6 May 2022 Auger Mount used for mounting an auger onto a vehicle's trailer The product's joints may not have been welded properly and may fail. If the welding fails, the auger mount and attached auger will fall, increasing the risk of serious injury. I
06 May 2022
Pools and spas with unsafe design features...Ban Portable pools and spas with unsafe 'potty-style' skimmer boxes cannot be supplied in Australia due to the risks of entrapment and drowning....About the ban...This ban is intended to prevent the supply of pools and spas (including transportable pools and spas)
23 Jun 2022