Hat World Australia Pty Ltd — Stanton EyeWear Sunglasses...Recall 2019/17518 10 Jun 2019 Various daily wear Stanton Eyewear branded sunglasses The attached Identifying Numbers document contains images of all recalled models and colours. Product ID Product Name Barcode Supplier Brand Color Image 1021744
10 Jun 2019
Michael Sklovsky Pty Ltd — Eye Gear Sunglasses...Recall 2019/17869 1 Nov 2019 Eye Gear Sunglasses Bar Code: 9325595000268 The Eye Gear Sunglasses do not comply with the labelling requirements of the 'Consumer Goods (Sunglasses and Fashion Spectacles) Safety Standard 2017'. The products are missing requ
01 Nov 2019
Oscar Wylee — Sunglasses...Recall 2019/17840 1 Nov 2019 All Oscar Wylee sunglasses The sunglasses do not comply with the labelling requirements of the 'Consumer Protection Notice No.13 of 2003 - Consumer product safety standards: Sunglasses and fashion spectacles'. The products may be missing required
01 Nov 2019
BIG W — Ray Ban Brown Tortoiseshell Sunglasses...Recall 2019/17419 21 Apr 2019 Ray Ban brown tortoiseshell sunglasses Style RB4175 - style number is located on the inside of left arm of the glasses. This recall does not apply to sunglasses that have prescription lenses. The sunglasses may not comply wi
21 Apr 2019
Ben Buckler Eyewear Pty Ltd t/as Bailey Nelson — Sunglasses and Clip-Ons Range...Recall 2019/17780 BNR-01 4 Sep 2019 Plano Sunglasses and Plano Clip-Ons Range - Non-prescription tinted lenses Various models - see attached list SKU MODEL Category Sub Category FRAME COLOUR LENS ‐ POLARISED LENS CATEGORY
04 Sep 2019