J-Sky Pty Ltd — Power Adapter Charger 29W USB-C...Recall 2019/17834 1 Nov 2019 Power Adapter Charger 29W USB-C Fast charger for charging mobile phones Model KP-2UPD The Power Adapter Charger does not comply with the relevant mandatory electrical standard. Risk of electric shock. Stop using the product
01 Nov 2019
Targus Australia Pty Limited — APA95AU-50, 45W USB-C PD3.0 Laptop Wall Charger...Recall 2019/17355 25 Feb 2019 APA95AU-50, 45W USB-C PD3.0 Laptop Wall Charger There is potential on some units for the faceplate to separate from the body of the AC plug head, exposing live parts. Risk of electric shock. S
25 Feb 2019