Torin Australasia — Hydraulic Trolley Jack...Recall 2018/16558 One-2017 4 Feb 2018 Hydraulic Trolley Jack for garage and workshop 9333631008093 The hydraulic trolley jack is supplied with a rubber head cap, which makes it non-compliant with the mandatory standard 'Consumer Goods (Trolley Jacks) Safety
04 Feb 2018
Metal Manufacturers t/as Repelec Aust — ARMM800 Trolley Jack...Recall 2018/17214 18 Dec 2018 2000 Kg Trolley Jack - each Jack has a serial number indicating production batch number. 230 affected Jacks. ARMM800A On certain Jacks, the supplied label does not comply with the mandatory standard ‘Consumer G
18 Dec 2018