Chillizone Pty Ltd — Chillizone Bean Bag Ice Blue Cotton Cord Adult 200 ltr...Recall 2017/15836 12 Jan 2017 This beanbag is ice blue cotton cord with a raised ribbed finish. The beanbag is only available in adult size (200L, 120cm high and 100cm wide) and is sold unfilled. The product does not meet the
12 Jan 2017
Escape to Paradise — Boho Beanbag Cover...Recall 2017/15880 7 Feb 2017 Round Beanbag Cover 60cm x 20cm The internal bag is not fitted with a child-resistant slide fastener and may allow access to the polystyrene beans. The zipper could be opened and the polystyrene beans could be released from the bag,
07 Feb 2017