Sunbeam Corporation Pty Ltd — Sunbeam Aeroglide Rapid SR6370 Iron...Recall 2017/16212 25 Jul 2017 SR6370 The product has only a single layer of insulation between the wiring and the top of the iron, which is non compliant with Australia Safety Standard 60335.2.3. There is a possible risk of electric sh
25 Jul 2017
Steinhoff Asia Pacific Limited t/as Freedom — ZOX Table Lamp...Recall 2017/16175 11 Jul 2017 Electric table lamp with black metal tubular “L” shaped base with natural finish block timber lamp shade with recessed light bulb holder Model 23760752 SGS-1504480-EA 23760752 M494TL The use of certain light gl
11 Jul 2017
Edgar Edmondson Pty Ltd — Numatic Lithium Battery UN3480...Recall 2017/16104 10 Jun 2017 Numatic International Lithium Battery UN3480 36V 5200mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery codes 230211/604506 used in Numatic Vacuum Cleaners RSB140 Battery Ruc-sac and NBV190 Battery Henry Vacuum. Batteries are black a
10 Jun 2017
Swann Communications Pty Ltd — Wireless Door Chimes...Recall 2017/15912 27 Feb 2017 This recall has been updated. A new recall advertisement has been attached and the contact details have been updated. Wireless Door Chime with mains power (1 receiver) Wireless Door Chime with mains power (2 receivers)
27 Feb 2017
Ausway Pacific Pty Ltd — Electric Throw Blanket...Recall 2017/16279 4 Sep 2017 Lily Hill Electric throw blanket GMA-501554-EA TB80-DM In some circumstances the product may catch on fire during use. If the product catches fire there is a risk of injury to the user or property damage. Consumers should st
04 Sep 2017