Decorative alcohol fuelled devices...News 10 Jul 2017 Decorative alcohol fuelled devices are designed for domestic use and produce a flame using alcohol as fuel. The devices are primarily used for decoration although larger models also may provide heating....About decorative alcohol fuelled devices...There a
10 Jul 2017
Safety standard for ethanol burners...News 10 Jul 2017 A new safety standard for decorative alcohol-fuelled devices, also known as ethanol burners, will ensure consumers’ safety, Small Business Minister Michael McCormack says. “I'm worried about the harm these products can cause consumers, which is why
10 Jul 2017
Decorative alcohol fuelled devices...Standard This mandatory standard applies to decorative alcohol fuelled devices....About decorative alcohol fuelled devices...Decorative alcohol fuelled devices are designed for domestic use and produce a flame using alcohol as fuel. The devices are primarily used for deco
01 Nov 2017
Studio Periscope — Gumnut Candle Holder...Recall 2017/16017 13 Apr 2017 The gumnut candle holder is supplied as a hoop pine plywood sheet with pieces pre-cut. The pieces are popped out of the sheet and slotted together to make a candle holder, similar to a 3-D jigsaw puzzle. The assembled wooden candle
13 Apr 2017
Archipelago Lifestyle — Knitted Ottoman...Recall 2017/15841 16 Jan 2017 Knitted ottoman with bean bag (foam ball) filling. 134 ottomans sold. The product does not have a child resistant slide fastener or a warning notice. Children could suffocate if foam ball filling is inhaled or swallowed. Consumers
16 Jan 2017
Chillizone Pty Ltd — Chillizone Bean Bag Ice Blue Cotton Cord Adult 200 ltr...Recall 2017/15836 12 Jan 2017 This beanbag is ice blue cotton cord with a raised ribbed finish. The beanbag is only available in adult size (200L, 120cm high and 100cm wide) and is sold unfilled. The product does not meet the
12 Jan 2017
Escape to Paradise — Boho Beanbag Cover...Recall 2017/15880 7 Feb 2017 Round Beanbag Cover 60cm x 20cm The internal bag is not fitted with a child-resistant slide fastener and may allow access to the polystyrene beans. The zipper could be opened and the polystyrene beans could be released from the bag,
07 Feb 2017
Window covering cords can kill poster...Publication 15 Jun 2017 Window covering cords can kill. Prevent child strangulation by using cordless or inaccessible cord window coverings in homes with young children....More information...Blinds & curtains Blinds & curtains
15 Jun 2017
Wens Bros Trading Pty Ltd — 'Happy Birthday to You' Musical Candle Holder...Recall 2017/16081 4 Jun 2017 Barcode: 6933550403011 Barcode 6933550403011 This product is subject to a permanent ban under Consumer Protection Notice No. 12 of 2011 as the candle holder ignites and continues to flame for a peri
04 Jun 2017
WaterGarden Warehouse — Round Ethanol Burner...Recall 2017/16404 8 Nov 2017 Round ethanol burner 110mm 0.7L 304 St/Steel The product fails the warning labelling requirements of the Consumer Goods (Decorative Alcohol Fuelled Devices) Safety Standard 2017, that advise consumers of the dangers of filling
08 Nov 2017