Crain Cutter Co. Inc.—Crain Carpet Seaming Irons, Model Nos. 890VAU 900VAU, 905VAU, 920VAU...Recall 2011/12543 4 May 2011 Carpet seaming irons used to melt thermoplastic adhesives on carpet installation tapes. Model Nos. 890VAU, 900VAU, 905VAU & 920VAU Model Nos. 890VAU, 900VAU, 905VAU & 920VAU The cor
04 May 2011
Extech Instruments—EX600 clamp meters, EX570, EX540, EX542 multi meters...Recall 2011/12260 11 Jan 2011 Models: EX612, EX613, EX622, EX623, EX570, EX540, EX542 serial number 08xxxxxx-10xxxxxx serial number 08xxxxxx-10xxxxxx In an extremely weakened battery condition, the product may indicate zero volts
11 Jan 2011
Western Tool Distributors Pty Ltd—Hyundai Generators...Recall 2011/12268 11 Jan 2011 Generator HY1200L Serial Number Range HT154FD-0908000 - HT154FD-0980020 HY9000LER Serial Number Range 10050166 - 10050185 HY1200L Serial Number Range HT154FD-0908000 - HT154FD-0980020 HY9000LER Serial Number Range 1005
11 Jan 2011
ACTCO Pickering Metal Industries Pty Ltd (APMI)—Midnight Folding Handle...Recall 2011/12729 8 Jul 2011 Handles on a Trade Service Body ("TSB") fitted to vehicles, 5-6 handles per TSB unit. DS039 LC003 MI0002 TC069 LC004 TC071 TC073 TC053 TC064 LC0001 TC052 TC070 TC065 LC002 DS053 TC072 TC059 DS056 TC05
08 Jul 2011
S.P Tools Pty Ltd—Mechpro MP2540 Air Compressor...Recall 2011/12816 16 Sep 2011 Direct drive 2.5 HP air compressor w/ 40 litre air tank Model Number: MP2540 C-tick Number: N10905 Model Number: MP2540 C-tick Number: N10905 A manufacturing defect may give rise to a short circuit in the motor, potentially
16 Sep 2011
Roofsafe Industrial Safety—SNF60 - RIS Scaffold Hook...Recall 2011/12788 26 Aug 2011 Scaffolding Hook with a 60mm opening. Batch ID 108573 Batch ID 108573 Premature wear and tear on the rivet in the double action locking mechanism. Customers who purchased the item were identified through Roofsafe Indus
26 Aug 2011
Welding Industries of Australia—WIA 190 WELDMATIC...Recall 2011/12801 8 Sep 2011 WIA 190 Part number complete package CP131-0 Part number power supply only CP131-2 Portable GMAW (MIG) welding equipment, for welding steel, aluminium, stainless steel, with gas shielded wire or flux cored gasless wire. Si
08 Sep 2011
Glenfords Discount Tool Centre—Ken 10" Compound Mitre Saw...Recall 2011/12639 7 Jun 2011 1650 Watt mitre saw with a 255mm diameter blade, suitable for cutting timber Model No: 7210 Model No: 7210 On some machines, the rear fence has been aligned too far to the left, causing slight interference with the
07 Jun 2011
3M Australia Pty Ltd—3M & K&H Assorted Hardware Solutions and Formulations...Recall 2011/12921 28 Nov 2011 Surface preparation solution and resin/paint cleaning product. Recall expanded on 28/11/2011 to include other potentially affected products. AS019263602 - A500 - K&H ACETONE 500mL AS019283493 - AC
28 Nov 2011