Swimming pool skimmer boxes...Publication 3 Jun 2011 D ep ar tm en t o f C om m er ce Swimming pool skimmer boxes Unsafe skimmer box Safe skimmer box Product safety alert Removable cover Unprotected intake area Government of Western Australia Department of Commerce Consumer Protection To a child, an un
03 Jun 2011
Kmart Australia Ltd—"Pp" Puzzle Pack...Recall 2011/12487 12 Apr 2011 There are 2 puzzles contained in the pack: 1. Wooden puzzle board with numbers 1 - 10. Each piece has a red peg finger grip. 2. Wooden puzzle board with 9 shapes. Each piece has a red peg finger grip. APN 9300806434520 APN 93008064345
12 Apr 2011
Toys "R" Us Australia—Tandem Trike...Recall 2011/12553 9 May 2011 Tandem Trike manufactured by Toy Group Australia Unlimited (TGA) is a trike that allows two passengers to ride in tandem. It has a 40 kg weight rating and is predominantly yellow, blue and red in colour. Skn 339245 Item #4109 Barcode 932
09 May 2011
Little Smiles Pty Ltd—Infantino Troy the Activity Truck...Recall 2011/12429 22 Mar 2011 Motorised plastic toy truck with flexible plastic tubing in orange and green. Items shaped like stars, circles and hearts are attached to, and slide along, the tubes. Model numbers: 153-210 206-110 506-110C UPC 7735
22 Mar 2011
Mayvic Pty Ltd—Glow Whistle...Recall 2011/12438 28 Mar 2011 Glow stick with whistle on one end PA0428 APN: 9312139010463 PA0428 APN: 9312139010463 A small part inside the whistle mouthpiece may become dislodged if suction pressure is applied. If the small part inside the whistle becomes dislodged whils
28 Mar 2011
Bright Spark Enterprises Pty Ltd—Tolo Maraca Rattle...Recall 2011/12275 13 Jan 2011 The rattle is made of red and yellow plastic, is filled with small multi-coloured beads and has "teething dots" on the handle. The packaging is marked "12 months and older". TL89655 TL89655 The product is being recalled
13 Jan 2011
Jemark Imports—Noisy Animals Plush Toys...Recall 2011/12320 7 Feb 2011 Assorted plush toy animals (hippopotamus, giraffe, duck, cow, monkey) BARCODE: 9320760051052 BARCODE: 9320760051052 When the toys were tested against the requirements of the Australian mandatory product safety standard, they produce
07 Feb 2011
Elka Australia—Puffer Balls...Recall 2011/12725 6 Jul 2011 Rubber spiked balls 5cm in diameter with a light inside the ball Code 11569 Code 11569 These types of products are banned under Consumer Protection Notice 20 of 2011 because the cord provides a yo-yo effect and can stretch to over the safe limi
06 Jul 2011
Cheap as Chips—Puffer Urchin Ball...Recall 2011/12763 11 Aug 2011 Novelty stretch ball 18cm in diameter with light inside. TA4084 TA4084 These types of products are banned under Consumer Protection Notice 20 of 2011 because the cord (and "hair") provides a yo-yo effect and can stretch to over the safe
11 Aug 2011
Kaleidoscope Australasia Pty Ltd—Twirlla...Recall 2011/12775 18 Aug 2011 Wooden rattle, features a wooden ball within two u-shaped wooden arches that twirl around centre. Bright colours that are made from non-toxic water based finishes. M211070 M211070 The product does not comply with the mandatory sta
18 Aug 2011